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      If I go with a 71 degree head tube angle, am I going to regret it?

      I live near a trail network that’s mostly about technical climbs, rock gardens, and narrow switchbacks. No jumps, no steep descents, just a lot of trail puzzles. Even the guy who built it can’t ride it without putting a foot down more than a few times.

      I have a modern full suspension 29er for the other trail networks in the area with faster terrain and steeper descents, but I want a bike for this trail network.

      Should I go with a slacker head tube angle, 67.5-69 degrees? Or is 70-71 degrees still fun to ride? A guy nearby is selling a Specialized Fatboy (71 degrees) for relatively cheap. It has longer chainstays, too, so apparently better for climbing. Also tempted by Fatback Skookum, which has a 67.5 degree head tube angle, but worried it won’t be maneuverable enough on the climbs.

      In the event I want to take the Fatboy out on other trails, is it going to suck with that geometry?

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