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      Looking at 2016 specialized fat boy pro, 2016 Salsa Blackborow, 2017 Kona Wozo, 2016 Trek Farley for year round singletrack, 3-4 months snow the rest rocky, rooty awesomeness. Anyone with ideas as to which would be best. I assume I can’t go too wrong with any of them. All can be had for around $2500 with a Bluto. Anyone riding any of these I would love to hear from people who have been on these bikes and tell me what they like what they don’t.

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      You assumed it right. All those bikes are great choice and you’ll have fun riding any brand. I rode on Specialized and Trek and would pick FatBoy simply based on how bike handled. But it’s all personal, so better try it b4 buy.

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      Thanks, I test rode the Blackborow and I was surprised how nimble it was for a utilitarian style bike. Short stays made it easy to lift the wheel.

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      2nd the Salsa — test rode a Bucksaw (FS) @ Salsa demo day at my local trail and was really impressed

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      I hope this works out for you, because I have the same plan.

      In my mind, this is like owning a 4×4 in Colorado.  It’s most at home in the snow, but it still gets the job done through the summer.  It’s never going to be a corvette, but the corvette would leave you at home 3-4 months a year.

      My major lingering question is what to ride on pavement, when the trails are closed.

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      @rk97 I still ride my fatty on a paved trail, specially when its muddy on the singletrack. Rolling resistance plus the weight can still give me a nice workout.

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      Okay, I went with the Blackborow and it is great. Spent 8 hours trail riding last week on snow covered trails with my tires at 7-8psi. This week has been raining and warm so I put the tires to 12psi and did longer road rides. I definitely enjoy it more on the trails, but when I go on roads I am just looking for a workout so going slower and working harder that a skinnier tire on payment doesn’t bother me. The bluto fork is awesome and I put it on full squish for trails and lock it out on pavement. Even in the snow my trails have drop downs and rocks so the bluto is very welcome.

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      I recently bought a used rigid blackborow 1 and love it.  Handles great in snow or hard pack!

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      Depending on the deepness of the snow i would also look into plus size bikes. I have the trek stache and it shreds on dry rocky trails while also handling snow well, its not as good in the snow but it is very good for everything else. I have rode everything from endure trails, xc races and gravel roads on it and love it. It could be something to look into.

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        I have found that good low rolling resistance 4″ tires like the Jumbo Jims roll surprisingly well on the street and gravel.  Fast enough that I am no longer looking at 27.5+ tires

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