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      World record was set by Eric Barone at 223.3 km per hour, which is 138.75 mph. How about us, mere mortals? What was your fastest ride off-road?

      I reached once 49.9 mph on downhill in Colorado and didnt want to go faster due to my bike was loaded with bikepacking kit and fear of front axle failure.

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      Wow, that’s really fast! Was it on singletrack or a some kind of road?

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        That was on a gravel part of Colorado Trail, Jeff. So I had enough room for maneuvering around bigger rocks and other large obstacles. Water bars however launched me into air a few times. Bike weight was around 40-50 lb.

        I started this topic not to brag about my personal record but to see how fast other folks riding and if equipment can withstand such speeds. My biggest concern was about front QR axle being sturdy enough

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      Part of the reason I asked is that I think whether or not equipment is strong enough at high speed really depends on the surface. Breaking a QR axle will most likely be due to impact (at speed) rather than just quickly rotating the thing to death. So if I was on pavement, 50mph would be scary, but I would probably worry more about my bike handling than equipment failure. But if I was hurtling down singletrack with the possibility of encountering a rock or root, even a tiny one, I would worry about almost every piece of my rig. 🙂

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        Good point. I was worried about front axle most because in case of failure it’ll result in a gnarliest accident my imagination was capable of. 🙂


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      I don’t keep track often but back in the old, old days when I had one of the Cat-Eye computers on my GT LTS, I remember hitting 41 MPH on a fire road type section at El Morro in Laguna Beach. I’m probably gone faster since but don’t have a computer any more.

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        I keep computer only on that one bike. It’s nice to have one when going long distance.

        thank you for reply

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      i went 37 mph on my $600 trek it was awesome

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      33 mph on my commute the other day (with the wind at my back). Long paved hill with cars, 2003 KHS FS POS about 32 lbs with blown suspension and forks. (Not bragging… complaining) 🙂

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