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      I’ve looked through the forums for the past two weeks and seen plenty of advice for people looking for the best vehicle for MTB but some are a few years out of date so I thought I’d ask again. I need a family vehicle that can fit 4 people, 4 MTBs and a bunch of the kit. I want all bikes inside (i.e. not rack) and safely secured. Happy to take off front wheels but no further disassembly. Got to be comfortable to drive and reliable but wary of the currently overpriced options out there at the moment (i.e vw transporter).

      I’m thinking that a SWB is not an option but happy to be proved wrong. Wife wants/ needs automatic and parking sensors but I might be able to convince her to manage manual.

      I like the idea of a Vito perhaps, but not sure if L2 would be big enough. Pretty pricey as well at around £20-22K for a 3 year old with decent mileage. Anyone using a V Class able to fit 4 MTBs in the back?

      Both are cheaper option than the equivalent VW right now – looking at minimum £26K for a 5 year shuttle LWB with 40K miles which seems too much to pay right now.

      Any suggestions, pics or even sales, I’d be happy to hear!


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