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      Considering purchasing the Diamonback Release 5C, does anyone have experience with this bike?  Having trouble finding one I can demo due to they are internet only now.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks

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      I rode the original aluminum version of the Release and thought it was a fun little trail bike. The one knock against it was the weight, but if you’re looking at the 5c it’s much more reasonable. Still not the lightest bike out there, but the flipside is it should be plenty durable. When you look at the components you’re getting for the money, it’s a tough package to beat.

      The Release was actually one of my picks for the podcast we did called, “These are the mountain bikes you should buy.”

      Listen: These Are the Mountain Bikes You Should Buy

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      @AaronChamberlain: “The one knock against it was the weight…”

      Yet, you flog a steel hardtail. Hahaha!

      It’s kinda tough to knock the DB as there aren’t many options out there that give you a sub $5K buy in price with that kind of spec (Fox 36, XO1 Eagle, full carbon frame). I have not ridden one, but I understand it’s similar to a SC 5010. The lack of a bottle mount is kind of drag, but not too shabby. Here’s Bike Mag’s take on the 4C.

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      Triton, you should check out Seth’s Bike Hacks.  He owns a DB Release 5C and it has taken a beating and is holding up very well. The Singletrack Sampler received one recently as a demo bike.   I hope this helps a bit !

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      Yeah I have read everything that is out there on the bike, it’s just a little scary to purchase a bike I can’t sit my butt on.  That is the one big drawback of online dealers is the lack of demo opportunities.  I am a very average rider and 56 years old so I am not looking for a trail whip, just something more stable and fun than my xc bikes I have owned in the past.  Most “trail bikes” would probably work fine for me in that regard, but the price of the Diamondback is incredibly low with the kit on it.  Really appreciate the suggestions guys.

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        I had a similar issue with the bike I had been looking at; Evil Following MB.  No LBS sells them where I live.  After reading reviews from bike sites & people who own it and loved it, I bit the bullet and bought the frame.  I am in the process of transferring components over from my old bike to save some money.  So the bike is still an unknown at the moment, but I highly doubt I won’t be happy with it once I ride it.

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      That’s what concerns me most, not being able to test it out.  Heard a lot of good reviews.

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      I own and ride a Diamondback Release 3.  I definitely had the same concerns that you have about getting the right bike without trying it first.  My only experience with mountain bikes before my Release 3 were a 1998 Schwinn Moab 3, and briefly a Raleigh Tekoa Comp, both hard tails.  I figured since the components and geometry of the Release 3 were comparable to more expensive models from other brands, there wouldn’t be a huge difference in how the bike rides.  Like others have said, the bike is heavier than other options (a problem that the 5C likely solves to some extent), but for the price and components, I feel it was a bargain.  Since the 5C has similar geometry, and even higher quality components, I am confident you will really like how the bike handles on the trails.  Just make sure you take lots of measurements to get the right size frame.  I imagine you could also demo some similar bikes to get a feel for different frame sizes.  Worse case scenario, since buying the bike direct at a lower price, you could always sell the bike without taking a huge loss if it doesn’t work out for you.  I did this with the Raleigh Tekoa Comp.  Purchased directly from Raleigh on sale, realized that I needed more of a trail oriented bike, and sold it for just slightly less than what I paid for it.  Good luck to you and enjoy riding your new bike!

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