Experience with Cane Creek AngleSet?

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      We’re considering trying an AngleSet for my wife’s bike, a 2017 Liv Pique 2 which currently has a 70-degree head tube angle.  We are hoping it will give her improved stability and a less twitchy feel.  She is a fairly casual rider, and this bike hasn’t worked out as well as we expected it to, despite having the same basic geometry as the Liv hardtail she was on previously.

      Does anyone have any experience with the AngleSet?  https://www.canecreek.com/product/angleset

      Thanks for anything you can share.

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      It works but superstar components has one for a third of the price.

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>There’s a detailed review of that bike which talks about the geometry here.</p>

      I would say it’s definitely worth a try. Let us know how it goes.

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      Is it twitchy or floppy? By floppy I mean it seems ok until the handlebars get to a certain point then it seems they want to keep going. Pique is similar to an older Trance or an Anthem. If it has a stem 60mm or longer Trances steering have a floppy feel to them. A shorter stem and moving the seat back a little (and or wider bars) to keep the same reach might help and be much cheaper and easier.

      Also how is the suspension set up? My Stance has a 30 Gold, similar to a Recon Gold, and I found if the sag was more than 20% it would dive too much and that adversely effected handling.

      That being said, I have no experience with the angleset, but have seen mostly good reviews on it.

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      Thanks to each of you for the input. I’ll see if she can clarify twitchy versus floppy. The comments about the stem and bars are good points that I hadn’t considered much. Her stem is 80mm and she insisted I cut down the bars a bit when she got it so they are around 720mm.

      You also reminded me of a recent video from Dusty Betty on YouTube about getting her suspension dialed for her light weight, including removing spacers from her fork. My wife is also a light rider, and I should look into her suspension setup more. The shop did a customized setup with her when she bought it mid-season, but I’ll go over it closely with her.

      I appreciate the feedback. If we end up with an AngleSet I will share what we learn from it.

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