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      About a year ago I got a Saris freedom superclamp 2-bike rack, and so far it has broken several times. The hitch pin sheared off at the head while in Moab, (after driving from East Tennessee) and the arms have stopped ratcheting twice, after being replaced under warranty the first time.

      I’ve been thinking about getting it fixed under warranty and selling it because it just seems to wear out under regular use. I ride 2-3 times a week and this level of wear and tear is unacceptable. I’ve been looking hard at the 1up USA Heavy Duty Double rack and was wondering if any of you have experience with their products or a better suggestion for a bike rack. I prefer a tray style hitch rack, and it needs to be able to fit bikes with long wheelbases.

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      Its not tray style, but you should check this out. http://www.northshoreracks.com/index.htm Havent yet installed it, just came in the mail today, but the ease of use and ability to run it offroading as well won me over. It was between the NSR4 and the one up rack.

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        Thanks! The way those hooks sit near the fork stanchions would probably make me nervous. Are they padded with rubber or something?

        Let me know how you like it, and if it seems well made. I also wonder how much it obstructs the rear visibility.

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      I have 2 of this racks. A single bike with the 1.25” hitch and a 2 bikes with the 2” hitch. The rack is held into the hitch with a metal ball clamping against it. Load and unload a bike takes less than a minute. I tried others before the 1up USA and I was not impressed.

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      North Shore and One Up are the best racks out there.

      NS pros: solid, easiest to mount bike, can carry any mountain bike including a fat bike, keeps the bikes closest to the vehicle so there is less leverage to the vehicle (the hood won’t be as far up in the air), comes in a 2, 4, 6 bike version. Only decent rack that can carry 6 bikes.  And yes the part that holds the  fork crown is padded. You can simply replace the tubing if you need to.

      Cons: you’re technically not supposed to be able to carry a road bike but it can be done if you flip the bike around and cradle the handlebar-stem junction…not ideal.  Also the anodization can rub off over time on your fork crown but if that is a big deal, put some electrical tape on your fork crown.

      1UP pros: Tray style so it only touches your tires, solid, quick mounting, there is a fairly wide adjustment to alternate bikes from side-to-side so handlebars and seats do not run into each other, you can get them anywhere from 1 to 4 bikes by adding on attachments, and as you add bikes it angles up which keeps them out of the way if you’re off-roading slightly, aluminum and unpainted so no maintenance, better connection to the hitch so it doesn’t rattle compared to the North Shore in my opinion, can carry Road bikes with no modifications.

      Cons:  requires a simple kit to carry fat bikes.

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      Edit:  NS doesn’t take rattle either but I have to carry a wrench and tighten it after a bumpy road. Not gonna come off, just moves a bit that’s all.

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      If the price is comfortable, you can’t beat 1 up- simply the best.  You can find every type of rack sold used on Craigslist, but you won’t find the 1up because no one ever wants to get rid of them.

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      We got the 3 bike version, also comes in 2 bike, of the Kuat Transfer and it has been great. Fits my large Niner RIP 9 RDO just fine.


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      I’ve had two 1 up racks and they’re by far the best I’ve used. First one was munched when someone hit it so I got another. The inventor is producing a 2.0 version due in May or June that looks way better; solves all the little problems. He is in a patent dispute with a former business partner so is using this website:


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