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      I have a RockyMounts Monorail, and we just got a new Forester Sport. The exhausted melted the rear wheel cup. I have a replacement cup on the way, but I’m wondering what people have done to prevent this in the past. I know that there are both risers and extenders (and some extenders that do both) — have you used either to good effect to solve this problem? And if you have, did you include some sort of anti-wobble device? I feel like the rack already wobbles a bit, and if I add another point of contact in there, it could start wobbling a lot.

      So, what would you suggest? Extender? Riser? Both? Anti-wobble pin? Two anti-wobble pins?


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      Ooh, yeah, that’s unfortunate. I’ve melted a tire with my exhaust. Lesson learned.

      You could mount an aluminum heat shield an inch or two away from the wheel cup. You can make it classy with a machine shop built piece, or go DIY with a home improvement sourced aluminum plate. Or, if you happen to have an expired license plate, that would suffice!

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