EX8 or Rumblefish?

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      Anyone have any feedback on either model? I’m gonna do a Trek demo event soon and try ’em out. Just wondering if I’ll like the 29er with suspension. Both of the DCRV rear shock so they should be equal in that area. Love my Ti hardtail but my back will like the suspension. The EX weighs in at 28 lbs. Anyone know the Rumblefish weight! Help I’m so confused!!!! 😄 Later,

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      Hey fat_billy, tough choice!!
      I actually rode both of those bikes when I was getting my new rig (I went with the HiFi). It was a hard choice between the Rumblefish and the HiFi, but for me it was an easy choice to go 29er. Have you ridden a 29er before? After riding the Rumblefish, you’ll feel like you are getting on a kids bike sitting on the EX8. And it doesn’t feel like you lose anything on the handling side by going with the 29er, the offset headset on the Trek 29ers really sets you up nice to keep the bike nimble. But both had great suspension, the 29er just seemed to fit me better… so it will come down to personal choice and comfort on the rigs. I don’t think you can go wrong with either. Weight wise I think they are probably pretty similar.

      But my vote is go 29er if you can, those big wheels will eat up the trail!

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      You certainly do have a tough choice ahead of you both bikes are pretty sweet I have personally rode the EX8 and I loved it! As I understand it the 26 will fly out of the gate and the 29er is gonna roll over everything a little nicer again it really does come down to preference I am a 26 man myself I’m just not fond of the look of the 29" wheels makes the bike look too small or something I’m not sure. I can’t judge the ride though I haven’t tried it. I can say for sure the EX8 is one hell of a ride and I think it might be better component wise also. You certainly wouldn’t be disappointed with it.

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      I rode the HiFi last fall when they were doing demos at a local trailhead. It was a very interesting ride. it climbed really well and most notably, it handled switchbacks as well as my small 26’er. That genuinely surprised me!

      My only gripe, and I think it just takes getting used to, is that when you "set up" for going over an uphill obstacle, the rear wheel doesn’t make contact as soon as you’re used to and you end up looking silly doing your slick maneuver too early.

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      I owned an EX8 (before I ran it over with my van 😳 ), and with the insurance money I bought a Niner – not a Rumblefish but close enough.

      The Niner allowed me to increase my downhill abilities in a huge way. I lose nothing on handling. The EX8 ascended much better – except on technical terrain where the larger hoops help get over over obstacles.

      The main drawback of the 29er is in steep ascents – it takes about 30% more energy to climb.

      Your choice really depends on a couple things: what kind of terrain do you typically ride? What is your riding style? What is the most important aspect of the ride?

      Love those ‘tough’ choices!

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      "Beaker" wrote

      The main drawback of the 29er is in steep ascents – it takes about 30% more energy to climb

      Never heard this before and I sometimes ride with a guy who owns a 29er. Is it that bad?

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      Just purchased a ex8 and took it to allegrippis trails in PA smooth rollers not much technical riding and it was absolutely perfect . i was flying down the trails over those big rollers in complete control . hitting corners hard no chatter or front wheel push , I dont know if this is the better bike but i do know this is the best bike i have ever ridden …

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      I am sure I am in the minority on this one, but I was in this EXACT position last year.

      Had a GF cobia. Demoed a rumblefish. Liked it but wasn’t sold on a 29er. (even after riding for a year on the Cobia) Then, while at Kingdom Trails, I demoed an EX 8 and fell in love. Nimble, fast, climbed like a billy goat. The Rumblefish was too much bike for me. I felt like I lost a lot of control. Sure, it rolled over stuff and really hauled but, with the riding I do, I prefer the control on the 26" to the 29" wheels.

      Demo. Demo as much as you can.

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