Epic trails and great friends.

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      You know those rides where everything flows, trails connect in ways you’ve not experienced, and your biking is working great. That was last night. I had the joy of being guided through some trails in a park I usually ride in. But these were old trails that I had heard rumor of existing and had no idea where they might be. It was a ride nothing short of epic. Sure one in our group kept getting a flat tire but that made social points while stopping and helping him out.

      Truly last night was a great example of why I love mountain biking and exploring. Amazing trails, great friends, and beer afterwards. I’m not sure it gets better then that. My ride stoke is high and I’ve got a craving to go back to those old school trails.

      How has your riding been lately?

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      I loved reading that. I’m also on a high lately, and it really is because of night riding. I’ve done four rides now at night (one solo, 3 with crews), and it’s such a fantastic experience. Old trails become new, your flow is different, and everyone is in on the same "man, this is a little crazy" vibe… which makes it even more fun.

      There’s no secret that the more fun you’re having, the better your riding will be! Though the season in New England is getting short, I’m finidng myself out on my bike 2-3 times a week and am really loving pretty much any type of ride I can get in.

      The only bummer is I can’t push the envelope too much – getting married in two weeks and if I show up in a cast, I believe the lady will have my head. 😀

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