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      As Jeff and Greg are aware of all the great trails in and around in close proximity to the North Georgia area eventually you get to a point where you want something different, new, and/or challenging.

      Has anyone had any luck or success in using one of the MTB destination sites that one can go through to plan a 3-5 day destination at some Epic trail in the continental United States? I realize there are many factors to consider as far as what anyone would want included or willing to pay. I just wonder are these MTB destination sites reputable, dependable and deliver what they offer? If so, do any of you have any recommendations to any that you’ve used and enjoyed the trip?

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      Park City is my favourite USA mtb destination… Great lift serviced trails at Deer Park, huge variety of cross-country trails all over the hills, and get this – free bike-carrying shuttle buses to lots of trailheads. I’m not sure about accommodation etc as I slept in my van in the Walmart carpark.

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      Western Spirit knows what’s up. There’s Hermosa Tours. And if you want a really baller experience, try Sacred Rides.

      All of them have multiple trips to choose from depending on where you want to go, how much you want to ride, and what kind of trails you want to ride.

      Greg did one of Sacred Rides BC trips this summer:

      Sacred Rides Bring Your Partner Adventures Facilitate Marital Bliss

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