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      Seems like we get all sorts of variations on this question on the forums but I thought I would pose it in the general sense. As in, what is the absolute cheapest, readily available bike you would recommend someone who wants to spend as little to get into MTB?

      I’d probably recommend the Giant ATX 2 which last I checked retails for around $440. The Specialized Hardrock SE is probably just as good and retails for just a few bucks more, $480.

      Is it possible to go any lower than this without ruining the experience?

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      I would say that a bike capable of more than just casual bike and walking trails is going to cost at the very least your mentioned price of $450.  There are a LOT of models that can get you started, including a bunch on bikes direct and the like, I don’t think I could suggest just one.

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      I think my db axis xe does a great job and I’ve been on some of the more advanced trails in my area. I got it for $300 at Dick’s sporting goods. Says it retails $600ish though.

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      How about a Fuji Nevada for $389 (permanent Performance bike “sale”)?

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      while I would recommend spending enough to get at least 100mm front suspension and if one can afford it get full suspension. But that being said, I road for many years on a $130 Huffy with no suspension and got  a lot of enjoyment out of it.

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      I can only speak on the Hardrock since that is what I am currently riding. I bought a used one real cheap and it is a very durable bike. That being said my next hardtail is going (hopefully anyways) to be an AIRBORNE goblin. Their Guardian hardtail is closer to the mentioned price point and looks to be w very good deal.

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      I picked up a giant talon 3 for under 700. Came with OK Shimano components and hydraulic brakes.  The Suntour xcm forks took some good abuse on intermediate trails but I have since replaced them with some rockshox gold 30s with poploc. Huge difference.  Also slapped some Shimano spd/flat pedals.  After not mtb for 15 years I’m generally happy with my current setup.  Just bought my 9 yr old an ATX 2 for Xmas.  Will see how he likes it.

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      IMO, any reputable brand (trek, specialized, giant, etc.) at the price point mentioned ($400+) will be capable. I bought an ‘entry’ level bike about 15 years ago. For $600 I bought a GT Aggressor 1.0.  Comparing this bike to the bikes you can get for the same money today, is comical.

      However, I know for a fact, my bike with all it’s old components was all I needed to fall in love with the sport.  I am looking to upgrade to a modern full suspension bike in the near future, but me and the old GT will be tearing up a lot of trail in the mean time and she will stay in my bike stable for many years to come… after all with a second trail worthy bike, my lazy friends have no more excuses… lol. It is worth noting, the GT is all factory and has taken a beating over the years, but still rides as good as day 1.

      I did have regrets after purchasing it and wished I had bought a Trek. So if I was to recommend a Sport level mountain bike for someone starting out, I’d probably send them towards the Trek Marlin’s. $200 less than what I paid you can get components far superior to most that came with my bike.

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      I rode a trek 4300 disc as my into bike, a little pricier but worth the extra money to get a beginner rig that will last. I rode it moderately for about 6 years before upgrading to a specialized crave 29er. You can find good second hand bikes ready to go to save some money as well.

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