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      I was wondering if ya’ll vary your pre-ride meals {day before, morning of} if the planned ride is an epic {15mi+}……

      More proteins, less carbs?
      More carbs, more calories?
      More everything, plus ????

      Personally, I’ve found that a good high protein breakfast / medium calories {800-1000}, followed by a high-carb lunch keeps those 20+milers from being too draining. A couple of beers during the lunch helps a lot as well…. 😎

      A recent pre-epic breakfast I had was as such:

      Cooked salmon, cold & chunked
      7 grain wheat bread, 4 slices, toasted
      Swiss & sharp Cheddar cheese
      bread & butter pickle slices
      These I made into open-faced sandwiches.
      1 Cliff bar
      1 large glass of milk
      2 soft-boiled eggs

      Lunch consisted of:
      1 pint Fat Tire ale
      2 Cliff bars
      2 peanutbutter & honey sandwiches
      1 Monster energy drink

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      Kinda the same thing every ride. Steel cut oats before, Accleraide during long rides, Mexican food after if possible to refill the tank.

      I can not eat beef the night before a ride for some reason. Makes my legs feel heavy

      Riding is life all else is waiting

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      I found out yesterday that food is overrated.

      I’m broke, so all I had for eats on yesterday’s nosebleed ride was two packets of blackberry jelly, and and MRE side-dish.

      I guess you can metabolize pure boredom. 😏

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      I did 40 high-speed road miles Saturday on 2 pieces of sausage and 2 eggs.

      I usually just eat whatever fast food crap is available on the way to the trail. I’ve tried doing the carb-loading-healthy thing and found that I don’t ride any better than if I grab a BK double cheesburger or a Chik-Fil-A grilled chicken sandwich on the way. I just have a weird f’ed up metabolism.

      I do overload on water the days I’m going to ride. That DOES make a difference.

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      These kinds of topics are fun since it is hard to prove that one approach is better than another. I have never read any of the training books with the infinite wisdom put forth by the authors, so I guess I can describe myself as blissfully ignorant of “conventional wisdom”. Not being a racer type I don’t feel compelled to get every possible edge.

      I usually don’t worry too much about what I eat before a ride — just as long as it is a full and balanced meal. I find that what I eat during the ride makes more of a difference. I used to take along power bars and all that, but I have never liked [i:t2x24lel]any[/i:t2x24lel] of the so called nutrition bars. I took a hint from the local Peak Bar brand, and just started taking things I like to eat that should provide the basic things a body needs when it is running down: a reasonable balance of protein, carbs and fat, that tastes good on the trail. Usually, that means things like Snickers bars, Salted Nut Rolls, homemade oatmeal cookies, trail mix; whatever is in the cupboard when I’m ready to go. As long as I eat something every hour or so I can last a long time.

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      As metabolism is different for each person, it’s funny to see what works for some people. I like to eat big the night before with lots of protein and carbs, and I normaly put down 3-6 beers as well. Not sure why, but that really seems to help me the next day on the trail.

      Breakfast is normally 60/40 carbs to protein with little concern for fat or calorie content. My favorite is a ham egg and cheese sandwich on a wheat bagel. Coffee… well, I love coffee.

      I tend to fill my CamelPak halfway with Gatorade/Powerade/Whateverade before topping it off with water to keep the energy going, and for food during the ride, I’ve taken to a homemade trail mix of peanuts, raisins, chocolate chips, and dried bananas.

      When I was training for a triathlon, my best advice was “Eat everything.” I kinda just stuck with that. 😀

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      "bonkedagain" wrote

      I took a hint from the local Peak Bar brand, and just started taking things I like to eat. Usually, that means things like Snickers bars, [size=200:264feat4][u:264feat4]Salted Nut Rolls[/u:264feat4][/size:264feat4], homemade oatmeal cookies, trail mix.

      Dr. Freud was right!!!


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      2x taost peces
      hopefully some cerial
      saussage if I’m lucky
      eggs (dont eat those too much anymore)
      hot coco

      Lunch (just preride at home)
      quick meat sandwitch with all the bells and whistles
      soda if i’m lucky

      lunch (trail)
      bout the same, except usualy theres some type of energy bar in there somewhere.

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      Coffee… well, I love coffee.

      same here my friend. COFFEE RULES!

      When I was training for a triathlon, my best advice was "Eat everything." I kinda just stuck with that. 😀

      I wouldn’t mind that.

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      I really don’t care what I eat for breakfast unless it is really epic or fast. Then I’ll eat a ton of protein and carbs. And I’ll drink a ton of water. It seems to work well for me!!! Bring tons of food on the ride too. No matter the weight, it’ll pay off in the long run.

      I guess I should try BK sometime because I haven’t before. Doesn’t sound like a half bad idea…

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      In my experience, what I eat doesnt really affect how I ride, maybe with the exception of LOTS of water consumption. I’ll usually down a bottle or two on the way to the trail (it’s about a 30 min drive to my local), and I find that I’m alot less tired after the ride if I water load pre-ride. Just not [i:pumzh2hb]too[/i:pumzh2hb] much water, or you’ll get cramps, which are no fun at all.

      Toast pre-ride might also be good, although a good slow-digesting carb would be better. I like bannanas and peaches.

      Mid ride, just drink more water, and maybe gatorade. For long rides, you could eat some whole wheat bread, and a bannana. Anything else and your likely to get sick if you try to push yourself.

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      "Slyp_Dawg" wrote
      Coffee… well, I love coffee.

      same here my friend. COFFEE RULES!
      [quote:n9xuhs1s]When I was training for a triathlon, my best advice was "Eat everything." I kinda just stuck with that. 😀

      I wouldn’t mind that.[/quote:n9xuhs1s]

      O-yeah 6 shot espresso starts everyday LOL!!

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      The best ride food for long hauls, is protein. I like a 3 egg omelet with ham, toast, and 2 large glasses of water. Actual water, not that sugary energy stuff. 😃

      post ride is always tons of beer and pizza 😉

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      I found that as long as I am not hungry I am usally fine before a ride. doesn’t really matter what I eat. I do find that my hydration level is the key. Usally only water on the trail. once in awhile I’ll have a little gatorade watered down in my water bottle.

      Trail food: trail mix, bannanas, snickers (taste better then those power bar things)

      After ride: Anything, beer/pizza preferred close secong mexican.

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