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      Any thoughts on energy bars? I like to pack peanut butter and jelly on wheat sandwiches on longer rides but they tend to get smashed.

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      I love to pack some cliff bars. Compact, lightweight, taste good, easy to eat (even on the move) and reasonably lightweight.

      I generally don’t like goos and gels as I find the energy spike too rapid and falls off too quick. I do however love the taste and get some reall boost rom cliff Shot Blocs, which are also neater and easier to eat than gels like Gu or Cliff Shots.

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      I ride with 2 "Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars" stashed in my under-seat pack. I like the Oat’s and Honey flavor. They are super easy to eat while riding.

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      "skibum" wrote

      I love to pack some cliff bars. Compact, lightweight, taste good, easy to eat (even on the move) and reasonably lightweight.

      I’m with ya on this skibum, I buy them at Costco in the bulk box works out to be less then a $1 a bar.

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      On a 20-ish mile ride, I eat a cliff bar and a couple shock blocks(the caffeine ones) at about the midpoint. A great pick-me-up.

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      Has anyone tried Sports Beans?

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      I keep two packs of them in my bag at all times. Any sport I can eat Jelly Beans is the sport for me!

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      And yes, Sport Beans are awesome.

      So are Honey Stinger Waffles.

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      I gotta second or third the CLIF bar suggestion! The chewy ones are my personal fave with the white chocolate and peanut butter versions topping my list of best tasting! They’re actually so close to a holiday cookie my Mom makes I can’t believe they are good for me!

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      Try out some bars from Thunderbird Energetica! Awesome natural bars, great energy output and tasty!

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      Based on nutrition and what they actually do for you, Probars have extraordinary qualities. They’re vegan also if that matters to anyone. Another option if you’re used to carrying sandwiches is a wheat bagel with honey and peanut butter on it. Honey provides really efficient natural energy!


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      Roll your own. Clif bars and such are quick sugary goodness and taste real good, but. A much healthier way is to make your own. If you have a food processor (or a good blender) and a freezer you can do it. It takes a little time and effort but one batch last a long time and they are fresher and more like, FOOD.
      There are tons of recipes on line. I use some of the ideas in "The Thrive Diet" book by Brendan Brazier.
      His are real specific but try some easy ones 1st. You can make your own gels etc… Just a thought…

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      "tobar" wrote

      I like to pack peanut butter and jelly on wheat sandwiches on longer rides but they tend to get smashed.

      I loved smashed PB&J! Especially when I can wash it down with a can of luke warm fizzy beer! I usually save that for the longer mountain rides though like when we are out at Douthat. On normal local rides I bring various Clif Bars, Mojos, Mojo Dipped. I’ve been trying the PowerBar strawberry banana gummies too. Not bad.

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      What ever happened to good ‘ol fashioned cocaine? 😼 Ha-Ha just kidding!! 😆 I’m all about the "Elvis special" Peanut butter and sliced bannana yeah it gets smashed but I’m less concerned with what it looks like and more concerned with the energy the PB gives me and the Bannana is loaded with potassium= no cramps, I also carry what ever energy chews that are on sale at the time to me they’re all the same

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      You might also try Ridge Bars. I helped design the web site which just went live a few days ago ( They taste great and only cost $0.69 each with free shipping. I love them myself.

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      Who is the manufacture of ridge bars where is their location?

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      I like some of the cereal and milk bars like honey nut cheerios or lucky charms, and other bars off the shelf. I’ve tried the stinger honey waffles @maddslacker recommended and they really are yummy and flatish so they fit in a shirt pocket or several in a fanny pack pocket. (get them from Amazon if you can’t find local source.)
      Also good old trail mix is kool, but will have to try Elvis sandwich. 😼

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      My vote is for clif bars, chocolate brownie!

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      cliff bar mojo, they taste great and you can buy them almost anywere 😃

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      I like the chocolate mint Cliff bars or a quick packet of Gu

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      Cliff Bar druing the ride and a 16oz Redbull before i start the ride

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      i starting using shot blocs recently, its almost unfair how well they work. although they are a bit hard to digest so i only try to eat 1 every half hour or so or you start to feel nautious. the goos work well too and are are much easier to digest, but like somone else said, lots of sugar… in this heat, these pick me ups are important, water just doesnt cut it. as always, diet before the big ride is also critical. drink lots of water, eat bananas, proteins, carbs, ect…

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      The last couple of rides i have brought a banana or two. A lot better than any bar. as a side note, there is a sticker on bananas now that says "the original energy bar" and it had a bike on it.

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      I usually take flapjacks (oats, sugar, golden syrup) then I remind myself that if I am a good boy I can stop off at the shop and get a bacon and sausage sandwich on the way home 😀

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