Enduro Full Face Helmet??

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      Hi there,

      I’ve gotten into Enduro racing the past couple of years now. Most of the races only require a half shell helmet – however there are a few races that require full face helmets due to regulations and terrain.

      I’ve been using a 661 Comp helmet, which seems OK, however I would like to find a better ventilated helmet.

      As well, it would be nice to have it meet the ASTM F1952 DH standard, seeing as the comp doesn’t, and I do like my teeth…

      I’ve been considering the Fox Rampage Comp, Troy Lee Designs D2 and Giro Switchblade among others. I think the MET parachute might be a tad ugly.

      I realize the D2 probably doesn’t have great ventilation – however as I’m still a student, I’m not wanting to drop the $400-500 CAD on a lid.


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      Check out the Bell 2R It also comes with MIPS technology.. I don’t know if it reaches the DH standard but.. You may like the switch technology.. Full face to Trail helmet..

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      IMO, if the race actually requires a FF, I wouldn’t feel comfortable running the Bell Super 2R. I have tried it and, in the event of a crash, it doesn’t seem burly enough to prevent significant facial trauma. For everyday trail riding giving riders the extra sense of security, sure, but racing a track that requires a FF, not the Bell 2R. If the race requires a FF, does it also require the ASTM standard? If so, this limits you to full DH helmets. If the MET Parachute meets this standard, that’s one I would consier. I know you’re not crazy about the look, but my buddy rides with one and it actually looks a lot better in person. I did a full enduro in my GIRO Cipher and it was way too hot so scratch that one off even though it’s a sweet fit. I also second the Giro Switchblade! Keep us updated on what you find. Good Luck!

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      Bell Super 2R is not DH-worthy. It’s a trail helmet for riders who want additional protection without the weight of a rated full face helmet.

      I bought two, one for me and one for the wife. I wear it when I’m riding something that might be out of my league (which is every ride), and she wears it because she likes to freak out on downhills and aim at trees.

      Totally worth the $130, lovely helmets for riding casual gnar, but not for downhill racing.

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