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      Currently looking to hop back on the saddle, and make my mark on MTB endurance races. My last mountain bike was stolen over two years ago and I need some appropriate wheels for the endeavor ahead. I have experience in running 5k’s to half-marathons, but plantar fascitis is getting the best of me nowadays. The urge to compete is real and with years of experience on bicycles endurace racing will be my next mounatin to climb (tehe).

      Any help, views, shares would be greatly appreciated!!




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      no disrespect, but having trouble understanding why you think people are going to donate their hard earned money so you can buy a new toy

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      buy it yourself, we have jobs to feed our families not to help you buy a toy.

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      Not happening.

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      You have the dream but not the funds. Sounds about right… pinch your pennies and sell off that dope Snow Board equipment you have and you can can afford the bike you want.

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      the struggle is real

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      go fund me is a website for people that are in need, I have a friend he went into a coma and he needed help paying for it, its not for people to help you buy things you WANT its for people who NEED.

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      Wow man, I joke about setting up a go fund me account so I can buy a nice house in Walnut Creek, CA but I would never actually do it haha. I guess it was worth a shot, or was it? Shot down in flames…

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