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      Apparently, this is a real bike build.


      The idea is to use it to access ski spots via roads that are closed to cars due to winter conditions.  Self-shuttling is an interesting use case for e-bikes, but wouldn’t you just have to hike back up to the bike after skiing down? Or maybe you wait until spring when the road re-opens to retrieve your bike by car. 🙂

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      This seems so silly & niche…Can’t even believe someone is trying to market that thing.  Aside from the issue you raised, where exactly do u have roads that are rideable AND lead to some “pristine” ski run that no one else can get to without this bike.  How does that rack hold a snowboard ?   At best it is a commuter bike to get you to/from the slopes.

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      I assume it’s a joke.  Like already said… what good is riding a bike up, skiing down, and then… what… walk back up to get the bike?

      I’d like to see how you straddle the bike with the ski’s where they are.  Your right inner thigh ain’t gonna be happy.

      A coffee pot?

      Fenders?  They’re great for packing in snow.

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      Hey guys, you have all kind of missed the idea. Luckily, i can shed some light on this. This is not a new idea. I haven’t tried it yet, but I have some friends who have. You can strap skis or a splitboard (split, as split skis) to either side of your top tube, this bike just seems to have an integrated hook in the frame and some sort of rack attachment. I have seen it donewith a trailer, which is probably more comfortable.

      Keep in mind we are talking about touring skiing, or ski mountaineering. We are not using the bike itself as a shuttle to the top of the ski run, we are using it to get to wherever you would otherwise park (a pass, or up to wherever the road ends/snow starts), then skinning up the mountain with the skis on our feet. Especially in the spring when in the valley it is warm and the roads are fine, you can pedal up as long as you want, then park the bike and skin up. Do your peak, camp, sleep in a hut whatever, ski back down and ride your bike home. For me it seems like a cool way to eliminate the sometimes long drive, and make the approach part of the adventure.

      It is not meant for normal alpine skis or snowboards. Scott also makes touring skis- so they are obviously doing a bit of marketing. The coffee maker- why would you not want a hot espresso while you’re getting ready? 🙂

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        Obviously, I’m not a skier.  Limited knowledge, limited insight.

        I done been edumacated…  🙂

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        Obviously the only skiing I do is alpine. 🙂 I actually tried XC skiing for the first time last week.

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        Nice! XC skis are the snowy cousins of the xc mountain bike. Ski touring / mountaineering skis are more like enduro bikes. Definitely two sports which really complement each other.

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      I’ve gotta agree with jgmtb, but practical for a only a specific use. I used to live near a mountain pass in colorado that shuts down in the winter. At the top, there’s a great ski area – 6 miles up from where you can park. It would be feasible to bike to the base of the pitch I liked to ski, park the bike, and skin up to the top of the line. This seems to be an alternative option to skinning all the way. Pretty cool idea, although a narrow niche market.

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      Actually getting a MTB’r to the top of the hill so he can bomb down is one of the most common uses for an electric MTB , so this is that unusual.  Des[ite what many have said just about every mountain has trails that are inaccessible to cars.  Especially in winter.

      That said, there are some serious flaws here…

      1- How would you get the bike back down the mountain of you ski down the mountain?

      2- The motor is just big enough (500 watts and only 36volts) to get a average male up a paved hill on it’s own with confidence.  I really don’t see how it’s going to get someone and their gear up a freaking snowy mountain.

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      I think if I were a ski bum and lived near a resort, I’d have one. Though, if I were a ski bum, I probably wouldn’t have the money for it.

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