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      I just found the blog post covering a few things you can do for emergency repairs. This gave the bright idea to try Google. I find a pretty interesting page on Trails Edge on emergency repairs. They even provide a PDF pamplet so you can take it on the go.

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      A good thing to read through.

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      Bikes are very easy handling mode of transportation. You might even be able to ride your bike while going for work, or to food market.

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      Since this post was brought back from the dead, anyone else have any emergency repair tips or tricks?

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      A multi-tool that includes a chain breaker and a Sram or KMC quick link are a must.

      http://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-re … ken-chain/

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      Loose brakes of your bike is also a cause of fatal accidents. You can tight brakes by using certain tools and equipments.
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      I always carry zip ties and electrical tape. The zip ties came in handy last weekend, when a fellow rider’s rear derailleur cable started rubbing on his tire (don’t ask, big time sag problem). The wire tie was a quick fix to secure the cable to the frame.

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