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      There are a number of product releases being announced this week with Eurobike gearing up and Interbike just around the corner. Electric mountain bike owners out there, rejoice — eMTB-specific helmets and saddles coming!

      The Lazer Revolution NTA Helmet

      For those that prefer a MTB style visor over a solid screen, LAZER couples the Anverz NTA introduction with a second NTA helmet: Revolution NTA. Besides being certified for speed pedelec use, the LAZER Revolution NTA offers the ultimate of features and protection for those that ride on E-MTB’s.

      LAZER’s Revolution NTA is designed to provide maximum coverage, while being lightweight with a cooling efficiency that can’t be beat. Revolution NTA is adaptable to the riders needs with its adjustable visor. The ATS retention system is easy to adjust for a quick and comfortable fit. SMS (Safety Mounting System) accessory mount allows for the use of a sports camera or similar accessory while still allowing Revolution to pass all safety certification testing with the accessory installed.

      The PRO Volture E-MTB Saddle

      Studies conducted by Bikefitting.com and PRO with e-bike riders also revealed interested
      findings. Riders using e-bike motors generally spend less time out of the saddle pushing through
      steep sections and because they are pushing less force through the pedals, they are putting
      more weight into their saddles.

      Therefore, the Volture was conceived to offer more padding and greater comfort to e-MTB
      riders precisely where they need it: additional padding for more comfort in the rear of the
      saddle, a wider nose design for additional stability and better handling, and a higher tail for
      better power transfer.

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      Interesting. I get it with saddles – more padding. What is so special about helmet? I thought non-electric bikes are capable of the same speed although going downhill and helmets are designed for an impact at that speed. Or I just don’t know something?

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      I agree, special helmets are hard to explain. Maybe with the added watts the rider will get into more trouble than they could on their own?  

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        <p style=”text-align: left;”>I think you’re right. E-bikes already have plenty of power. Hard to imagine how’s it gonna be if they become even more powerful</p>

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      So the idea that an e-bike rider needs a special helmet because of the greater power sort of puts the lie to the claim that an e-bike is no different than a regular bike, doesn’t it?

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      It seems to me that some companies are cashing in on the eMTB market. What’s next, eMTB-specific jerseys, because your regular MTB jersey isn’t “optimized” for e-bike riding?

      Just an observation, I don’t own an e-bike but that won’t stop me from spouting an opinion!



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