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      There are plenty of killer DVDs out there on BMX riding, skateboarding, etc… can anyone recommend some really cool mountain bike DVDs? I’m looking for stuff that’s just fun to watch – good music, some cool riding, etc… any recommendations?

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      The early “New World Disorder” series, “Earthed”, and try the AltaReiza Freeride site, they have a DVD iirc.

      Plus, check out these videos, they’re pretty nifty.

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      Before rides we stick one of the Kranked Video’s in, good music on all. The first has the best single track shots. The newer one’s lean more and more toward Hucking off cliff’s

      Riding is life all else is waiting

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      All of the new ones have way to much crappy music, and are all freeride it seems. I don’t care for the music, but man, some of those guys can nail some crazy tricks!

      Would you believe I have a video tape of the original bike magazine tv show? It is awesome! The music is mostly funky jazz, and it is almost all singletrack. The real hardcore stuff from the movie was North Shore stunts. It has people like Ritchie Schley and Brett Tippie before they became famous. Definately a classic!

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      I like watching crazy people. Sometimes a move soaks in and it’s in your quiver when you need it. Was watching Buba srub speed off jumps on the tube one day. The next day we are flying down Tractor at Demo hit the rollers fast going into a corner, looked up to see a blow down used the srub without thinking.

      riding is life all else is awaiting

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