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      I have been riding for years and got tired of noisy bearings and annual rear suspension maintenance so I moved to riding hardtails.  It has been great, I think I’ve progressed as a rider and I will likely always ride a hardtail but have been considering buying another full sus bike.

      My question is what GREAT bikes are there out there in terms of maintenance?  I just like spending more time riding and less time fussing and am looking for a bike that I can ride hard, put away wet and not have a million issues.

      Any bike recommendations? (besides clean your bike after every ride blah blah blah… Yeah I get it, not looking for maintenance recs).



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      I don’t think there is such a thing.  I am like you, I hate maintaining the bike.  Everyone I know who doesn’t do the cleaning and maintenance on a FS has issues even on high end, high $$ bikes.  Its the price of owning full squish,  you have to do the work.

      I ended up going with a fat bike with a Lauf Carbonara fork.  Big tires are a little easier on my old body that just a hard tail and the Lauf is a short-travel, zero maintenance fork option.  But I’m not riding huge hits,  super rowdy descents or up massive climbs. I’m in the Midwest so our stuff is pretty tame.

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      There is no magic bullet out there in terms of a squeak or creak free full suspension bike. There are some manufacturers who do a better job of shielding pivot bearing from dirt and dust. But those are mostly anecdotal, because dirt, dust and mud will always find a way in.

      Your best bet is to take some pride in your ride and give it some TLC after a dirty ride. As the old saying goes “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Take care of your bike and you will enjoy many creak and squeak free miles.

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