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      I’m a penny-broke grad student looking to upgrade my collection of totaled Walmart bikes to a budget hardtail.  I’ve done too much double-diamond stuff on Walmart bikes and they just fall apart.  I’m looking for a bike that will not fall apart, I don’t care if the fork breaks (Suntour will do, I guess), and I’m willing to assemble it to save money.  I’d really like a 29er and I’m 5’2″ with 32.5″ inseam.

      – Would a Motobecane 529HT 29er 19″ from bikesdirect.com be my best bet? Any concerns or other recommendations?

      – Would this bike handle aggressive riding weekly in SW Michigan with semi-annual trips to Colorado, the Appalachians, and Florida?

      – What parts might I have to replace within a year?


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      Hi, @zdebruine! It’s always fun to shop for a new bike. I own Motobecane hardtail as well (Fly Team 29er) and right after purchase put it to hard test in Pensylvania and Virginia. It held up very well. Gotta admit I never launched a drop taller then 3 feet with this bike – you have to know limits of your equipment. after a year front wheel gave up and I had to buy a new one. Other then that it’s still intact and fun to ride.

      would this bike withstand aggressive riding weekly? Maybe. Depends on how aggressive you ride. Most likely you’d have to invest in a better fork and a set of good wheels. Or just know limits of your bike and use it accordingly.

      Hope it helps. Good luck.

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      Forgot to mention that double black diamonds are 10 times more fun when you have full suspension

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      Hi @stumpyfsr, I should have mentioned my Walmart bikes had full suspension 🙂  LOL.  Haha.  It basically meant I was riding no suspension after the first off-camber rock drop.

      Thanks for the feedback on the Motobecane 29er category!  Sounds like a great place to start, and I’ll upgrade as I grow into the bike.  I’m planning on an air fork, better wheels, and maybe a complete transition to Shimano derailers, shifters, and cassette.  I don’t like limiting features in my ride based on the bike, but that said if I can afford to do it on a Walmart bike I can do it on a Motobecane 29er.

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      I started mountain biking on full-suspension Mangoose from Walmart. I was riding mostly gravel in parks and tried some Singletracks as well.

      Only after riding my friend’s entry level quality hardtail I understood how big of a joke was suspension on my Mangoose. Rigid 20-year old Specualized Rockhopper felt better then my “fancy” rig. It sparked my interest to sport and for that I’m thankful to that old bike.

      That said, once you throw a leg over a “real” mountain bike, you’ll understand the difference.

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      Just bought my son a 529HT for his first serious MTB.. Rode it last a little last night,, nice bike.. It should be able to handle anything you throw at it..  Note though, you may or may not get Shimano shifters, they go with which ever they have handy. My son’s came with Sram shifters, push/push instead of push/pull. Because we have a bikesdirect shop here in Jacksonville FL. I was able to see and try the bike before I bought.   I would say it is a touch better than the Giant Revel 29er which goes for $465 or with the Specialized Rockhopper 29 which goes for $525. The caveat being, if the frame does not fit you, it doesn’t matter how good the components are. Seem to fit my son fine.

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        Thanks, I’ll have to take a look at the shifters when I get the package.  I ended up going with a Motobecane Fantom SPORT 29er 19″ (I’m 6’2″).  I hope the frame will fit me as I’ve only ever been on 17.5″ or smaller.  After comparing the specs, I am certain the Motobecane 529HT and Fantom SPORT are better than the Giant Revel 29er.  I bought my Fantom for $400 from bikesdirect.com and intend to put it together myself, so it’s very economical.

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      It doesn’t take too long to put together their bikes. Only wheels and handlebar disconnected, the rest is already installed.

      Congrats on your purchase and have fun out on the trails

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      19 should be fine, my son is 6’1″ and we got him the 19 also.. what part of Florida do live in?

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        I only visit Florida on occasion, but I have a trip planned to Santos and Alafia in the near future and hope to do some shredding on those trails for a few days.

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      i just bought the Motobecane 427HT from bikesdirect. Solid ride. Im 5’7″ 210lbs and she takes me everywwhere. Its a 16″ frame and fits me perfectly

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      Both great places to ride anytime, but if you can you should plan for Alafia fat tire festival, November 4th, 5th and 6th 2016 and Santos fat tire festival, March 10th, 11th and 12th.

      Santos is a two hour drive for me, and Alafia is three, but I have a good friend and riding buddy that lives 5 miles from Alafia, so I ride both regularly.


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      I have a couple big name brand bikes with latest fox/1×11/sram setups….my first bike was motobecane hard tail which I loved, gave to nephew, still have motobecane full suspension, I will never give it up, the value you get from them is crazy, you can play with couple components, learn how to tweak the bike,  I may have not gotten back into cycling without the motobecanes.

      With every bike seems like I have to play with the stem to get it right for me.  If I had to guess at which components you will mess around with, stem and forks.  I had to get air rockshox, for me, heavy dude, need the air.  Anyway, for half a grand to get a bike that is solid, cannot go wrong with that line up then save for shock, stem, whatever.

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        Verndozier, how was the service with bikes direct?  I’m looking for a new bike, and their prices seem almost to good to be true. And the website is a little hard to negotiate, at least for me.  Thanks in advance for any feedback you might have.

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