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      Anybody know anything about DT Swiss rims/hubs?
      I’m thinking about building a 29er wheelset w/ X470 Rims and the 240 S hub with straight 15 gauge spokes. I need something strong!

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      Well DT do make great stuff….I personally use Mavic Crossmax SLR’s and ST’s on my rigs however i have my eyes on a set from DT.. They make some really nice stuff as well…

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      I don’t know much about their 29" rimset, never have been much of a person for the 29er.

      But I do know that their 26" rims are very sturdy and reliable. Especially the 2350 wheelset. Friend of mine has a set of them. Lets just say that the normal average rim should have been tacoed twice each way if that was ever possible. I would take it that the same quality may grace the rest of their wheels.

      Just for assurance…

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      I’m hoping that it will be the case with the 29er DT sets. I’ve heard good things.

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      I have the DT Swiss EX 5.10 rear rim with the 340 hub in the 26" version.Being a 280 to 290 plb clydesdale,I was breaking the stock pawl bodys right and left,(5 of them to be exact)so I needed to upgrade to somthing expensive with a ratchet style hub.I started off by looking at the chris king all stainless steel parts hub which was around $430 by itself,along with a wheel build I was looking at pretty close to $700 to build a rear wheel.
      I dont mind having the really nice stuff and had the money to have this wheel built for myself,although I just couldnt swallow over spending just to make sure I got a wheel that would hold up without breaking.I kept looking around untill I found a prebuilt wheel by DT Swiss with the ratchet style hub which was about $350 cheaper than the chris king wheel build.I havent had any problems with DT Swiss wheel and I’ve been riding on it all summer.

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      I bought a DT wheelset this summer: 240S hubs laced to 4.2D rims. Love’m so far. Very light and stiff. I wish they had brass nipples, but they were prebuilt and on sale at $540 with aluminum nips.

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      Thanks all;
      I’ve decided to go with them. My bike "guy" is offering me a pair of DT Swiss 29er wheels with brass nipples for an unreal price (I think he feels bad about me garbaging "good" wheels, and he’s a friend of mine). He had them built for himself. Anyway, I had WTB Laserdisc 29er’s on my rig and they lasted about 3 weeks.

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      I got the 29er wheelset w/ X470 Rims and the 240 S hub with straight 15 gauge spokes and so far love them! They’re stiff and seem to take a pounding ( punctured my back tube both on the inside and the outside) on a rock that sent me flying 😉 and the rim was completely OK! Miraculous considering the troubles I’ve had with Salsa and WTB.
      Thanks for the input.

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