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      I recently got a Kona Satori 2013 enduro full sus.

      It has a Crank Brother’s Kronolog dropper seatpost and for some reason the one I have seems to have this cloth cover over it which has the text ‘kronolog’ on the actual post.

      Is this necessary? Id quite like to take it off and in the actual picture of the bike it doesnt seem to have it on.

      Many thanks

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      Most likely it’s not needed. Take it off.

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      That sleeve comes with the post. It’s there to keep the muck and shit off the post while you’re riding. Easy to clean the post post-ride, can’t clean the post during the ride. Each time you drop the seat you push whatever’s on the post down into (and maybe past) the seal. Not so with the sleeve on.

      But hey, it’s your bike. Do whatever makes you happy.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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