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      Hey all, thinking about getting a dropper post for my hardtail to improve my riding a bit. My plan is to upgrade next year to a full suspension, hopefully one with a dropper post. I have found the KS eTen dropper post online for $140. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with this dropper post and what you think about it. I’ve read some other forums online but just want some more opinions. Basically I would be using it for next season while I save to really upgrade my bike from the 2004 26″ Specialized Hardrock I ride now.

      I don’t want to break the bank buying an expensive one where at the end of next season I can hopefully afford a bike that comes stock with a dropper post. Would it make sense to spend more money on this part and then when I do upgrade my bike swap the stock one out? Or will a $140 dropper post hold up fine for a season of riding and make a big enough difference? It’s the 100mm travel dropper.

      All opinions are welcome, I just want to make a good informed decision. Thanks in advance!


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      <b>Doesn’t seem bad at all according to pinbike review of it.  They basically described what you are after, affordability with decent longevity before upgrading to something more expensive that has more options and lighter.  I might have to pick one up for my HT as it would suit my needs till I upgrade to a FS.</b>

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      I ordered the KS-Eten a week ago, just installed it Wed,  have not been off road with it yet, but it seems solid. It works fine. The install was not as intuitive as I expected but not hard.  The lever on the seat post needs to be about half way down with the cable tight and secured to the handlebar button for it to work when pressed.  My bike has cable tie mounts for a dropper cable, but I left the closest one to the seat with the tie loose so the cable could slip through when the seat goes down..

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      Thanks Alvin! Do you plan to get out to ride at all this weekend? If you do I would love to hear how it performs on the trail before I pull the trigger. Have you run a dropper before?

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        I plan to ride ALL weekend! But plans change, I will let you know.

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      I love my dropper… its great when you drop in and forget to drop the post… or if your riding some trails where pedaling  is required.. you can pop up the post and pedal easier, then when the down hills comes, lower it and bomb on down the hill.

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      Hope you get to do some riding! Enjoy the weekend!

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      Made it out Saturday and Sunday,, the dropper post worked great. So far most of the trails I ride I find I don’t need to drop it very often. Because of that I am not very good at it.  My timing sucks, I either drop it too soon and end up peddling standing, or I forget to raise it after an obstacle. It is amazing how disconcerting it is to sit and have the seat a 100mm lower than you expect. Once I get the hang of it, it will be great. A couple of really great things about it are being able to lower it when stopping so you can get your feet on the ground, and being able to put it part way down for sections that alternate between ups and downs.

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      Sounds like it worked pretty well, I’m sure there’s a bit of a learning curve with it! Unfortunately I won’t be purchasing one at this point in time, I blew out my stock fork this weekend so I’m upgrading that. I can live without the dropper post, a busted fork is a little bit more of a priority.


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      Thought I’d throw out this link-Pricepoint has the 100mm drop with remote for $140 http://www.pricepoint.com/Brand/KS/Kind-Shock-E-Ten-Dropper-Seatpost-100mm-Remote.axd

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      That is exactly the one I just installed..

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      alvin, how do you like it? my son was worried about quality and seeing it was … cable?

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      The cable works well.,, routes well on my bike. My bike does have cable tie spots for dropper cable routing built on the frame.  I assume, like any cable system, I will have to watch it and keep it cleaned and lubed. But I have to do that with the shift cables anyway.

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      I have an Eten that I used for a while. I loved it, but before long  decided to get a KS LEV 150mm drop. I just can’t be without a dropper any more. I’m thinking I’ll put the eten on my fatbike.

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      Amazon Prime right now has the Fox DOSS dropper for $165.

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      That is a good deal.  Would make a great Xmas present to myself 😉

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      Merry Xmas to you!

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