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      hey folks. I installed a brand new ks rage dropper on my rig a few days ago. It worked perfect fine in the stand (haven’t finished the build so haven’t taken it on trails yet). The KS directions were adamant not to use grease on the post but to use anti seize. I applied in the frame itself and lightly on the post. I came back today and the post is super slow to drop and rebound. My only guess is some of the anti seize got in the bushings and is creating friction? I can’t adjust air pressure because the valve is sealed. I ordered some sram grease butter and was thinking of applying that on the stanchion and hoping that fixes it. Any suggestions, comments, ideas? Many thanks in advance.

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      One simple thing to check is that the seatpost collar isn’t too tight. Loosen it completely then see if the post goes up/down at its regular speed.

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        apologize I should have posted in the thread… I did check the seat collar and it isn’t tight enough to cause the slowdown…

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        update on this thread. was able to fix! Many thanks

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      Great! So what caused the problem?

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        I had cut the cable just a few millimeters too long and so when I pushed the lever, it wasn’t fully actuating the dropper. I had to shave off a bit on the end and then when it pulled, it worked fine. I also think I got a little anti seize on the actuator so I put degreaser on there. When I first set it up, I had all the housing out of the internal routing but when I put it through the frame, I think it got scrunched on the downtube which left the extra slack in the cable.

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