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    Hey guys.. Im looking to buy a dropper post for my 2019 RH Comp. Im new to all this so any help would be super appreciated! Im about 5’10” 150lbs ride maybe every weekend at Sprain Ridge Park in NY.. Any more info you need please let me know. Thanks ….

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    Do you know if the frame is set up for an internal dropper? Based on what I could find on the Specialized website, it doesn’t look like it is. Without internal routing, you’ll need to look at externally routed dropper posts which limits the field.

    What size frame do you have? That, plus your height, will dictate how what length dropper post you can get.

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    You need to find out the following:

    • seat post width (looks like it’s 30.9mm)
    • whether your dropper is internally or externally routed (As Jeff said it’s probably external)
    • maximum insertion length – this effects how far into the seat tube the seatpost will go (contact Specialized or your LBS)

    Even if externally routed there are a number of options of available.  Check out the PNW Cascade.  Travel ranges from 125-170mm.  My “guess” is that 150mm is probably best.

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    Also need to know frame size. Med vs L is probably the difference between a 125 and a 150 dropper for your height.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks for all your responses.. Im 5’10 and 150lbs. My bike is a size L. Heres the specs of my bike from the website… Ill def take a look at the PNC site, heard great things ab9ut them!</p>

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    Pretty sure that’s internally routed for a dropper post. If you’ve never done it before, let someone who HAS do the install for you. It can be quite a frustrating pain in the ass the first try.

    And yes, you’ll need a 30.9mm seatpost.

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    Thanks ZipHead, i havent got the first clue of how to install a dropper. Def taking it to the LBS.. My seat clamp is 34.9.. Do i still need the 30.9 you mentioned?

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    And yes… This is internal routing. Im looking to drop the seat as low as possible and not raise it soo high, so a 120mm would be the pick?

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    What are some choices for a reliable and reasonable priced internal droppers?

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    I have KS Lev droppers on several of my bikes. They’ve been really reliable over the years, so I’ve never had to contact them for support. I’ve heard they’re pretty responsive tho. Kind Shock is on the higher end price-wise, but I’ve bought mine used (eBay, etc.) for cheap prices because I’m usually broke.

    I fitted them with WolfTooth remote levers (personal preference) but the stock levers that come with them are just fine.

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    @2019_RH_Comp :

    • You want seat post (not clamp) width –  Specialized hows the SEATPOST Alloy, 12mm offset, 2-bolt clamp, 30.9mm
    • Given the stock seatpost length of 400mm you shouldn’t have any problem fitting a 125mm (possibly a 150mm) from most brands.  I would opt for the most travel your bike will allow. As long as you can fully (or just about fully) insert the dropper you should be fine.  Getting the seat as low and out of the way as possible will make a world of difference once you start to challenge yourself on more technical terrain.
    • Tons of good options out there for internally routed droppers.  The PNW Cascade is available for both internal and external.  I have also had excellent experience with the Fox Transfer.  So-so experience with the Reverb.
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    Thanks for everything.. Loads of useful info!! I came across the PNW Ridge Dropper 30.9mm/125mm. I measured the seat tube length on my bike til my waterbottle holder screws stopped the tape measure… came out to 231.14mm/9inches. The Ridge has a full insertion of 235mm/9.25inches which leaves me about a 1/4 of an inch plus the dropper collar at its lowest insertion? Did that make sense? Hope im not confusing anyone… Thanks again for all the great help!!

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    Rockhopper Comp dropper post?

    Hey all! I’ve had my rockhopper and been pretty satisfied with it. Got a few little upgrades and surprisingly everything I’ve done has went buttery smooth (Going to a 1×9, fork replacement with no sealed bearings etc).

    I was wondering if anyone here had the same frame and knew if I could get an internally routed dropper post? I’m looking at the Brandx Ascend , hoping I don’t have to get the Ascend 2(externally routed one). With this I’ll be getting a switch for it too, possibly a wolf tooth unless something else jumps out at me or you guys have better recommendations.

    Thanks again for the help :).

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    I hadn’t seen the PNW Ridge option… that’s an excellent price.  Just be sure to check the reviews on that model.  But yeah that should definitely fit.  I would just double check with Specialized to make sure it’s internally routed as I didn’t see that noted anywhere.  But you should have everything you need.  Happy shreddin’!

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