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      So a few weeks ago I dropped a down on a new 2012 Trek 4900. I am so freakin excited to hit the trials with this bike. Last week it came in and man was I surprised. I was so happy with the performance of the bike. I’m upgrading for a 2009 Trek 3700 and I mean upgrading. My old bike was a 21speed, 63mm forks, and rim brakes. The new bike has a lighter frame, 27speed, hydraulic disk brakes and 10 times better components. I can’t wait to pay it off and hit the trails. I’m just a happy camper

      Also found out I had the very first 21.5 frame 4900 built. That’s an awesome feeling

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      Congrats on the new bike man! Ride the snot out of it!

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      Awsome dude,collectors item being the 1st.????hahahahaa,Ride the crap out of it man…

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      Man I plan on it. I haven’t had a mountain bike in 6 months and I’m going crazy. The weathers perfect to. I can’t wait to see how much faster I am with this bike

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