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      My wife recently had an issue on her bike and I wonder if anyone might know what the problem is. She was riding a slight uphill grade for about 8 miles. She then turned around and started back down the grade. As she shifted her derailers to the highest gear (Small sprocket on rear, Big Sprocket on front) she said she had to pedal two entire revolutions before she actually felt resistance. Like when you’re pedaling in reverse but your just free wheeling. As she continued down the path, she kept experiencing this same issue when ever she would start pedaling after coasting. She is certain that the chain was not off the sprockets. I have tried riding her bike since, but cant get it to repeat the problem. I am going to take it into the local bike shop, but would like to hear from others who may know what the problem is so I don’t get screwed with unnecessary parts being replaced. Bike is an ’07 stumpjumper hardtail with shimano XT drivetrain.

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      Well most likely the freehub pawls are sticky and are not engaging again. Was it cold? Anyhow the freehub needs either replacing or service which is a matter of taking it apart and using the correct shimano grease to lube it up again.

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      Thanks for the reply Element! It was probably about 45 degrees F. But it was happening after riding eight miles so I would guess that the rear hub would have been sufficiently "warmed up". I am taking it in tomorrow so we’ll see what they say.
      Thanks again!

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      I would agree with big E, It does sound like a free wheel hub problem. but it is possible that she is going so fast that even in her highest gear she cant catch up the the speed of her wheel. ha ha!

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