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      I have had this problem for a while now so I figured I would come here and hope for the best.

      On several occasions when I push hard on the peddle to accelerate there is a loud pop as my pedals suddenly "release’ and I am sent flying toward the ground. Got a new chain, sram 990 cassette, x.9 rear derailleur. My lbs just tuned it so I thought it should be right. Dont have much experience in this dept so i want to know if this is a tuning issue or a mechanical issue.

      Also when I coast for any lenth of time and then begin peddaling again it sometimes takes up to 2 revolutions of the pedals for my chain to "catch up" if you get what I am saying.

      any suggestions

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      My bike is doing the same thing.I have a brand new sj so i am dealing with warrenty through my bike shop.i have had the pawl body replaced 3 times now and upgrading to a stonger pawl body seems to be the i would say that your pawl body is starting to break.keep riding it and eventually it will toatally break and the pedals will start to spin without turning the rear wheel at all.

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