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      Anyone purchased a bike from these guys? I know the ship time is long but the prices seem hard to beat.  Does anyone have a real experience with them or know someone personally who has?

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      Their site isn’t https:// so right there, that makes me wary and extremely skeptical.  I personally would buy anything from them for that reason alone.

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      I spelled it wrong on the title… it is ‘downhillbikesforsale’. not trying to defend them but when you go into the shopping cart it is, I did check out their web site on various scam sits and they pass that.  I just can’t find any testimonies outside of their website and I would think either good or bad I would be able to find something.  Thanks for replying

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      When you get into the shopping cart they are called ‘DB Bikes’… I will search based on that.  If I find anything out I will share.

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      You pay through paypal… I need to not get so excited… going to ride the bike I am looking at next weekend so I might not even want it.


Viewing 4 reply threads

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