Downhill Bikes That Wont Break The Bank?

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      Does anyone know of a good downhill bike that is well put together but won’t cost you an arm and a leg?

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      Giant Glory, Yt Capra what’s your budget

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      My budget is 3-4k

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      Even though I live in Florida and there is absolutely no reason to have a downhill bike here, I would love to have a Giant Glory.

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      Defiantly check out the YT Capra (cam zink) amazing spec for the price or the Commencial Meta (remy metallier), Specialized Demo

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      The Kona Precept is $3200:

      and the fancier Operator is $4300:

      The YT DH bike is the Tues, not the Capra. The Capra is their trail/enduro bike. The aluminum Tues is $2900 and is a steal for that price. Slightly better spec on things like the shifter and derailleur when compared to the Kona, and $300 cheaper. If you want one, order it now though because their bikes are always selling out. In fact it’s sold out right now, but you can pre-order.

      And Commencal’s DH bike is the Supreme. The latest version, the V4, is available in a few different builds that fit your budget. The $4000 Race build is dope:

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