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      Hey guys,
      So the legendary climbing spot in castle valley utah called castleton tower requires a grueling hike full of switch backs, technical all day long and at the top: loose dirt that is hard to hike. The bottom is killer and offers a straight shot right into the wash. When I hiked it I had no troubles. Now that im into mtb downhill i have to wonder: Is this downhill possible and could it become a legendary downhill? If ANYONE has any info on doing this: IE. people doing it, people thinking about it, gear and bikes required I would love to hear about it. From the decent on foot I decided that a 26er would be appropriate. Defiantly good suspension and big tires with super grippy side walls. I know of a few spots on the mountain that is hike a bike on the down hill. Its hike a bike up hill the whole way though with ought a doubt. Give me some info on this, especially if there have been any attempts on this mountain.

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