Dog crap on the trail

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      I like dogs, there are the best of pets. I take issue with some dog owners. Unless I load the bike on the truck, most of my rides are local to where I live. Most of the trails run through residential areas. This means that the trails are often frequented by dogs and dog owners who are trying to avoid the New York City clean up after your dog law. I don’t mind the dogs using the trail, I just wish the owners would try to get them to crap off of the trail. Having dog waste on the tire and frame is not pleasant and makes flat repair, crappy.

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      try riding a multiuser trail system that allows horses 😄

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      I suspect no one likes Dog crap on the trails, and most have some type of negative reaction to it. And I think they should, as none of us want to get it on out tires, or worse yet tossed into the air from our tires and onto us! What I am surprised about is that I don’t hear much complaints about is the Horse crap! Pretty common to expect dog owners to pick up their dog’s crap, but horse shit is okay? I dont understand why both are not a problem. I have seen bags that attach to the rear of a horse that catch it, so the riders don’t even need to stop.

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      What’s worse than that is when people with horses ride on bike trails that they aren’t supposed to and not only drop poop everywhere, but tear up the trail, even when it’s muddy! I’m dying to catch one of these clowns out!

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      There are several multi use trails in Jasper Alberta which is a NATIONAL park and yes there are some spots on the trails that you cant ride let alone walk for the deep hoof tracks. And like everywhere else nothing is said. However they all scream about tire tracks that are left. It will never change.

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