does your helmet serve its purpose?

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      Do you wear your helmet because its the right thing to do or does it actually get used? After a small crash yesterday I noticed when I unloaded, my visor to my helmet was gone. Once I realized the visor was gone I was looking over my helmet , after all it is two years old. This helmet tells a story of this old guy riding his bike in some of the knarliest trails around. Rock, rock gardens , rock climbs , rock downhills just rock. First time I rode the local trails I did not have a helmet and was quite a eye opener . That day I ordered a new giro and didn’t ride until it showed up. That helmet has seen the ground more times you can imagine and one look at it and you would ask , does  this guy know how to ride or does he over shred more than he should, prob a little of both

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      As I remember, my helmet saved me from a hard impact 4 times over the last year. I crash more than that but, thanks to a bit of luck and experience, I managed to avoid other potential melon impacts. What I have found is that I can avoid most head impacts however, some are almost impossible to anticipate and the helmet is great insurance. Plus, makes it a bit easier to take on skill limit features.

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      Yes it does. I replace it each time I fall and the foam cracks, and I’m not on my first helmet…

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      Mmmm, the helmet topic resurfaces…

      I use one on more aggressive rides and around the neighborhood often do not. Kinda silly on the latter. It has been a number of years since I went down. Typically, a simple bail is on tap. Platform pedals keep this one outta the ER.

      Rethinking the typical operations and equipment list. All it takes is once! Cheap insurance policy, indeed.



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      Two reasons I will always wear a helmet: 1) I have taken several spills where I know my helmet protected my noggin from something much worse. I’ve even had a 4″ branch fall on my head while riding. 2) I believe its worthwhile to set an example for kids.

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      It is best to replace the helmet straight after the crash. If I were in your place, I would not wear the same helmet after the crash. If the visor is broken, it is best to replace the visor.

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      Everyone should make sure their noggin is protected… if there’s even a slight doubt about whether the old helmet is ok then get a new one!

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      This post actually got me thinking, as i have very unhealthy relationship to my helmet. I often find it unnecessary to use while just on a joyride in town, but it spills over and i forget to wear it when going to the forest. I’ve had plenty of crashes, but none involving my head so i don’t really fear it. But that’s just really irrational and listening to other peoples stories i definately start to rethink my thought process

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      I’ve “retired” 3 helmets in my time riding.  The first was a pavement crash where I hit hard enough to crack the foam in 3 places (no doubt preventing a skull fracture). The second was my first full-face DH helmet, my head bounced-off several tree trunks while I tumbled through the trees. The most recent was when I highsided myself out of a turn (and over a small jump) in a bike park.

      Yes, I’m a big fan of helmets. I’ll admit I don’t buy the most expensive helmets, I prefer to go with the more inexpensive MIPS helmets while keeping the price tag low enough to be (relatively) painlessly expendible.

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      I didn’t wear a helmet as a kid… because 80’s. But now I never ride without, I got used to it like a seatbelt.

      On the street where you think it is a relaxed chill ride a car could hit you, in the forest a tree might jump out at you.

      All it takes it one mistake <-> all it takes is a helmet

      Easy choice IMO.

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