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      What’s up fellas??? Just wanted to start a thread on a pretty cool topic, that I think, is important…the "appearance" of your bike. Does it matter to you guys?? It most definitely matters to me!!! I mean I love the color and font of "CANNONDALE" on my bike!!! For example, if i saw a bad a$$ bike, no matter what kind, great frame, top of the line components, but the "appearance" or "look" sucked…i wouldn’t buy it!!! My Cannondale F7, which is my avatar, is perfect for me!!! Got my bike back today and although i didn’t have a chance to ride it yet, i love looking at it!!! LOLOLOL Most definitely riding tomorrow!!! Anywho, thoughts fellow MTBR’s….

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      Not only looks but how it feels as well,I mean,I’ve upgraded some stuff on my stumpjumper(my avatar),like the Yeti lock on grips and they not only look far better than the stock specialized grips with the silver lock on rings but the grips are a way cool feeling grip and work awsome.I guess it helps to be somwhat of a yeti fan.hahahaha,(but I ride a specialized,what?????hahaha.I also upgraded my rear wheel to a ratchet style drive hub and the DT Swiss wheel looks really cool with there company colors that match my front DT Swiss wheel but the ratchet style drive hub just feels more solid over a stock pawl body hub.
      You know what really looks and feels the best???New tires,the fresh white lettering and nice clean look along with the fresh new rubber,now thats a really cool look and feeling.

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      Oh yeah, looks are definitely important…to me. If your bike looks good, you feel good about it. A happy bike is a good looking bike. I too catch myself just looking at my bike. Sometimes I stop to catch my breath while riding and prop my bike up against a tree just to stare at it. Sometimes I’ll go and open up the closet while I’m home just to look at my bike…drives the old lady bonkers. 😆 I just tell her to hush, because I am a mt. biking warrior and I must be at one with my weapon. 😛

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      I just tell her to hush, because I am a mt. biking warrior and I must be at one with my weapon

      Nice Cujo,you know it dude,hahahaha.

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      Looks matter to me, too. I’ve got an ’09 Fisher Marlin and absolutely love it…except one thing – the wheels. I don’t understand why a lot of the bikes in this year’s line of Fisher’s have the silver rims instead of black. Black rims are just the way to go…they just make bikes look so much better. I can live without them though (for now), especially because I love the way my bike rides, which is really what matter most.

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      I’d say most people think they are, or at least to some degree.

      Now I’m definitely not one of those OCD kinda peeps that’s gotta have a new looking bike all the time, but I’ll take good care of her.

      Looks are kinda a cool thing about upgrading, cause some of the things you can stick on a bike, not only look sick, but of course rock too. And if it’s something that’s really popular you get some turned heads once in a while.

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      "Mongoose" wrote

      [quote="cujo":1uzzt85f]I just tell her to hush, because I am a mt. biking warrior and I must be at one with my weapon. 😛

      Now you are sounding just like a US Marine! 😆 😆 😆[/quote:1uzzt85f]

      I have to explain to her that I don’t just ride the trail, I attack it. 😛

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      😕 Bikes are for riding, not for adoration. Given a choice between drooling over the latest bling or spending that time on the trail I will opt for riding, every time. I appreciate a good looking rig, but I would prefer to be respected for my skills, not the flash of my bike.

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      Looks are important. If you love something and it means something to you you want it to put forth its best appearance. Doesn’t matter if its your bike, your, car, your self, or your significant other. 😀

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      Let’s just say that part of my brake purchase decision was the fact that they are white and therefore match my frame 😃

      You be the judge:
      (And on a related note, I spent 1/2 hour getting that yellow sticker off)


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      I am all for looks. I am trying so hard to look like Mongoose……… Oh wait we’re talking about bikes. 😃

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      Ha….appearance? It does along with performance. I got the performance going with my Yeti and the "color" scheme is getting there. This winter I am going to take it apart and get it repainted. I’ll be on my hardtail until it’s done and put back together. Figure since it’ll be apart, pushing both the fork and shock are going to get done also. Color scheme…….Red and Black.

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      I guess i’m the odd man out here. I don’t think of matching up colours or any thing like that when buying new parts for my bike, hell, I don’t even keep it clean. Maybe it’s because I ride 5 times a week on average and I don’t see the point , since it will just get muddy / dirty again the next day. I go over my bike before every ride to make sure everyting is all good. ( downhilling is verry violent on bikes ) But I don’t worry about the apperance.
      Good topic though 😃

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      Has everyone seen the Tony Stewart Armor All Go Ahead,Stare commercial??I think it sums up what the OP is trying to say…..hahahahaha.


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      It’s just like a woman……If it looks good to ya, you want to get it and RIDE!!!!

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      Do looks of my bike matter?


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      I think that looks do matter to a certain degree. I mean someone can get bike looking pretty sweet lookin. But if something were to look so good that I myself would be worried about messing something up on it. I like for my bike to be looking nice going through its paces. But if it had a custom paint job or some ridculously priced powdercoat on it I would more than likely hold back some in fear of trashing "the look". If that happens then you could potentially be called a poseur: one who acts, dresses or patterns themself after something they want to be but are not. I mean a guy with a wicked awesome custom looking bike that’s not going all out is just something that I would hate to see. 😠

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      I dont wash my bike very much but I like it to be nice

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      What in the world is your avatar? Is that a huge gash in the back of your head?!?!? 😮

      Bike appearance only matters to a small degree – yes I wash it when I can but thats for performance and parts saving rather than looks.

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      "Beaker" wrote


      What in the world is your avatar? Is that a huge gash in the back of your head?!?!? 😮

      You know it 😃 😃

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      Details man! Was this a biking accident?

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      My other half just calls me a geek, granted computer wise i prefer scientist but that does not fit with MTB ing…


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      Nothing wrong with making your bike look good-






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      ChiliPepper, awesome DH! 😄

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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      [quote="aL1":2s7rmgqa]ChiliPepper, awesome DH! 😄

      Thanks bro! BTW, hows your baby ride?? I am looking into getting a HT for some all out XC/AM riding, and I am stuck between either the AM Specialized Progressive P-1 HT series and the Hradrock/Rockhopper series.

      Is your rig the Hardrock Sport Disc?[/quote:2s7rmgqa]

      It is a Hardrock Sport Disc. I use it primarily for running-around-town, and it rides great, but I am gonna’ change the stem for a better fit…I really would like the Rockhopper Pro (orange 😃 ), but it is too much for my budget…

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      I never heard about Markham (but I did now), and only recently heard about Oleta…I’ll have to get down there one day….I’m in the WPBch area…

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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      [quote="aL1":9ws5k47p]I never heard about Markham (but I did now), and only recently heard about Oleta…I’ll have to get down there one day….I’m in the WPBch area…

      Markham is a pretty explosive place to ride and tops the best three rides in FL, behind Alafia (#2) and Santos (#1), but is ranked #1 in south FL. Oleta (FL Sate Park) is a pretty good place to ride, but does not offer such technical & freeriding terrain as Markham Park. I think that Amelia Earnhart Park (Hialeah, FL) is near you, and it offers some nice singletrack as well. Anyways, I wish you the best riding bro and I hope you get the opportunity to ride at least Markham Park.

      Keep it real and ride hard![/quote:9ws5k47p]


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      Back in the day I knew a guy that would build some bad fast hot rods but they were primer or old paint, miss matched color body parts.
      Looks didn’t matter how fast did and he would clean up on a weekend night

      When it comes to my cars I want the parts I put on to look good but work even better.

      I just bought a Kona frame and as I am planning the parts I want to install, the look of them is always a thought it all has to flow and work as a team.

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      I could go with a lil’ "Ratt Rod Style"… Count me in!

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