Does anyone want to recomend a nice multi tool ?

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      I am going to the lbs today to pick up a spare tube, multi tool, air pump, and what else do I need ? spare chain links ?

      This would be for long bike rides in the woods…. 3 -7 hours .. ..

      I like the camel packs too..

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      Topeak makes really good multi tools,although I’ve had mine soo long and it’s been soo good to me that I never shop around for them but the brand is one of the best.If your gonna get a tube,might as well get 2 or 3,I even have different size tubes for different sized tires but that’s for when you really start to run different sized tires for different trails,locations of trails,and conditions.Also on the chain,when I can afford it,I keep a spare chain cut to length and keep the spare links in my camel bak so there there for emergencys.Then again,I buy the heavy duty chains(pc 991,$45)because I’m a heavy clydesdale and have broke a few chains before.hahaha.
      Blackburn makes really good pumps,thats what I buy.And camel baks,buy these by how much stuff you want to carry so think about it and also how much water you want to carry.3 to 7 hours I would reccomend the 3 liter bladder.Look for deals on camel baks like last year models,there usually on sale or clearance and really arent that much different from current yearl models.I want to pick up the h.o.s.s. because it has an immense storage capacity and I need extra water and I could carry an extra water bladder with the extra storage those things have.hahaha.
      Good luck at the lbs dude,which lbs are you going to???

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      It might be too late for this to help you but this one is MONEY.


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      +1 for the Crank Bros, except I have the 17. It’s the single best cycling accessory I have ever bought.

      As for spare links, if your chain is Shimano or Sram, you can buy a spare Sram power link, which can be the difference between riding out after a broken chain or walking out.

      And the Crank Bros multi-tool has a chain breaker, by the way…

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      I’ve had the same Cool Tool for the past 15 years and it still is the best tool I have found. Heck, do they even make them anymore?? As far as pumps are concerned, to heck with my crappy Zefal (you pump for three hours and you’re only at 15 psi) and go with a C02 inflater. It takes up half the room and works FAST.

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