Does a 29er mountain bike spokes make noise?

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    This is my first time owning a 29er mountain Bike. depending on the bumps in the road or the off-road trail I’m on, not sure if it’s my fork or the spokes that are making noise, I’m pretty sure it’s the spokes. Is this common?

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    It depends on the noise I guess.

    None of the spokes on any of my bikes make noise.

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    If a sub-par mechanic put your bike together you might be hearing a lot of spoke tensioning and seating going on. Take it back the shop you got it from and have them re-true your wheels with more tension.

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    I just picked up my rockhopper 29er and towards the end of my first ride on it I was hearing the noise as well. did you figure out what is was?

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    New bikes make spoke noise but 29ers have longer spokes so they’ll make more noise as they seat in the rim and the hub. Keep your eye on the wheels as they will get out of true for the first few rides. A good set up on a bike will take the wheels off and put the wheel on a 5 gallon bucket and press down on the hub on both sides and be checked for true. Both wheels will need this spoke seating process. This will allow the wheels to stave off some of the truing work in the future. 😄 Later,

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    "maddslacker" wrote

    None of the spokes on any of my bikes make noise.

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    Good mechanic = properly tuned and trued wheel = no noise

    Just got my first one, 30 miles, zero noise other than me sucking massive amounts of atmosphere in…


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