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      So, I just got back from the doctor due to a little, well, issue. He told me to not ride until my follow up in a week and a half, but I’m training for XC time trials. I’m almost certain that even though he thinks biking might be causing my problem, it isn’t. Without going into details, the saddle has only ever made my ars sore from riding.

      So, what would you do? I’ve got a group ride goin out tomorrow…

      Anyone gone against doctors orders?

      *sigh* i guess I could just run for a week and a half

      Kentucky Roush 😎

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      Two weeks ago tomorrow I pulled something in my lower back getting out of our delivery truck. My back was sore all weekend. That following Monday I went for my weekly chiropractic visit. Doc does his thing and tells me no riding for the week. I had already planned to take my step-sons to the pump track at Big Creek on Tuesday and I wasn’t going to let a little soreness stop me. Big mistake. That night my back was worse off than it had been the week before. I wished I’d listen to my Dr. My back is fine now and I’m back to riding. Do yourself a favor, listen to your Dr., the extra rest will do you some good.

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      Willy Nelson said: I’ve had a lot of doctors tell me I’d better slow it down but there are more old drunks than there are old doctors so better order another round. Doctors are a great and necessary but I only go when I can’t prevent the abulance from taking me. Practicing medicine worrys me if they aren’t good at it by now. I follow doctors instructions as long as it hurts not to follow them. I guess for me being a block head is a full time job. 😄 Later,

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      There’s a reason you go to a doctor. Listen to him.

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      +1 on resting up per the Docs orders.
      Reading in between the lines here so I may be wrong, but soreness in the crotchular region is not something I’d just shrug off and ignore until it went away.

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      I admit, I know I shouldn’t ride… so I have two choice: 1) disassemble the bike so I don’t ride it or 2) spend a lot of time on singletracks. Well… if my posting becomes erradical nonesense, mods, feel free to boot me for a while haha. No, I know I should try to stay off. He just wants to see if riding is what’s causing the problem, so it’s not like I’m trying to heal something. At any rate, maybe I’ll just ride some light, fireroad type stuff and stay off the singletrack as a nice medium. Or (gulp) run for exercise…

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      When I broke my collarbone in a crash a few years ago, the doctor had my wife hang the bike up where it goes in the garage. He told me I could ride it again when I could get it down by myself. (without passing out)

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      Sometimes a little rest can go a long ways towards getting you back to 100% as fast as possible.

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      "kyroush" wrote

      ….Without going into details, the saddle has only ever made my ars sore from riding.

      hard to give any advice as per dr’s orders when it’s not clear what the issue is and whether any of us had a similar experience. from your description i don’t think it’s as simple as a hurt back or mending bone, is it?

      as per the saddle, if my hunch is correct, it fits into a rather unprotected area of nerves and vessels. until bike seats there was no evolutionary reason to protect that area, given it’s location, and it can become compromised.

      there are a lot of bike seats that attempt to remedy the situation, the love channel (canal?), for example. most are half arse attempts, pun intended. some have a split seat and go to the next level.

      i was recently diagnosed with protsate cancer. i will need an operation. the nerve sparing part can be compromised in bike riders due to the abuse the nerves go through from bike seats over an extended period of time, so the doc also said to stay off the bike, or at the least, get a better seat. i asked, "what seat would you recommend?" his answer, "a toilet seat". i now own an SMP Pro saddle.

      so even if you’re not having ‘issues’ with impotency, protatitis or the like, someday you may get prostate cancer. protect your nerves now.

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