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      When marketing a product, it is of the utmost importance to know who you’re trying to sell to. Most importantly, you need to know whether or not they will actually want to buy your product.

      I got this in my inbox today:

      Hi Greg,

      my name is **REMOVED** and I’m a casting director based in LA. We’re currently casting for a major American Cigarette Company print advertisement and I wanted to reach out and see if you, your friends and network of mountain bikers would be interested in this opportunity!

      Attached is the flier, please feel free to forward to anyone that may be interested! The shoot pays $1,500 and if the client runs the images it will be an additional $6,000. Please let me know if you have any questions!

      On top of just sounding scammy, who the heck would feature mountain bikers in a cigarette commercial? Put another way, how many people have you seen smoking at a trailhead? Yeah, I’ve seen one or two, but they have almost always been the last to the top of the mountain. About the only groups that I can think of that might have an even stronger aversion to cancer sticks are runners, swimmers, and road bikers.

      But if you’re interested in smoking some cigs, riding dirt jumps, and making six grand, let me know.

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      What?!?! They can’t be serious.

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      Maybe a full figured MTB star would be ok? I’ll fake the smoke part but will really drink a beer. $6000.00 I’m in. Hope they have a wide angle lens. 😄 Later,

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      because "toofless" grandpa at the waffle house wearing an "Eat more possum" hat isnt appealing enough to young potential customers anymore? Whats this world coming to? I was really hoping for that gig in 30 more years.

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      I’ve seen a number of people smoking at the trailhead …

      …after the ride…

      …and it wasn’t cigarettes…

      … and that was before CO made it legal!

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      "skibum" wrote

      I’ve seen a number of people smoking at the trailhead …

      …after the ride…

      …and it wasn’t cigarettes…

      … and that was before CO made it legal!

      LOL not that kind of smoking!

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      Do I smoke what?

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      If it was for a micro brewery I would volunteer. If it is an all you can eat buffet………well I think you know who would be interested.

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      I’m IN! Will they pick us up? 😄 Later,

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      OP-I smoke mini-cigars,and at least with the group of early 20-somethings I ride with (I’m 39) on their gearie bikes (I’m a 29"er SS rider 😉 ),I almost never get beat up the mtn,unless I’m having an off day. Of course…they ride maybe once per week at best,some weeks I ride daily,that does make a difference 😛

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      Okay, I’ll do the shoot, but they gotta supply the smokes,and absolutely no nudity, unless it’s done tastefully. I’m sick of being objectified, okay not really!

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      One of the strongest riders I’ve ever ridden with is a smoker. When I started riding, he would use the time I needed to catch my wind at the top of long climbs to burn one. 😆

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      Yep,that’s what I do (bear in mind,as a SS’er,they’re all sitting and spinning at 2 MPH where as I’m standing and mashing-easy to beat em to the top that way ;) )

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      Doesn’t seem like the greatest marketing idea to me ….

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