Do you have a bike cam you like?

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      I’m looking to replace my old GoPro Hero4 Session.  It’s been great, but after about 8 years the battery barely holds a charge anymore.  Sadly, GoPro doesn’t make anything like it now, and the few new ones still to be found are listed at ridiculous prices.  Researching this has been frustrating, so I thought maybe someone here might know exactly the camera I want.

      Features I need:

      • Waterproof– or at least weatherproof. This camera will get hosed down with wheel spray all winter and spring.
      • Battery life– at least an hour continuous recording. Some cameras can only do 5 minutes at a time before they overheat or whatever.
      • Small– this rules out GoPro’s current lineup, I think. People can get weird when they notice they’re on camera, and I feel a little self-conscious about it too. I’d prefer people not to glance at my bike and immediately notice the camera. For reference, the one I’m replacing is just a 1.5 inch cube.
      • Low-light recording– I don’t need actual night vision, but it needs to be able to at least clearly pick up what’s in my bike light at night.

      Features I don’t care about:

      • Fancy built-in screen
      • Editing software
      • High resolution (over 1080p)
      • High framerate
      • Sound quality
      • Photo mode

      Features that would be nice:

      • Removable battery
      • Removable storage
      • Toughness

      So, if anyone has a recommendation that fits those criteria or comes pretty close, I’d love to hear about it!

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