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      Hey all-

      Mountain bike racing makes up a very small part of our content on Singletracks. In fact, most of the racing articles we publish are firsthand accounts of our own experiences leading up to and during races. Hopefully, you all enjoy those types of articles!

      I, for one, enjoy racing, but I also follow World Cup racing fairly closely. Especially downhill. But what I want to know is, would you like to see more racing coverage from us? Unfortunately, we can’t send writers and photographers to the races, but would you like to see results and recaps from more events?

      Let us know!

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      I say play to your strengths. Pinkbike seems to have all the racing pretty well covered. I go to Pinkbike for the adrenaline, Singletracks for the soul

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      @Cyclosaur – thanks for the comment! Pinkbike and Vital do phenomenal work covering the World Cups.

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      Personally, I’d rather read experiences that leads to the race, like training, diet, equipment prep etc. And thanks guys for doing that. And its already covered by other sites anyway.

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      Since i mainly come to your site for everything, (but i try to read as many reveiws as possible about bikes im interested in) I would love coverage on World Cup info here…

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      Thanks @arkinet! I’ll actually be doing some more racing this year, so I’ll be writing just those types of articles.

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      No, never raced, never watched and only know one current racer’s name.

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      I think you’all should just do what you’ve been doing. I personally follow racing very closely, especially DH and I  will race DH and Enduro this season. I am training  now actually…intervals hurt!

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      I’m actually surprised to hear so many folks follow pro MTB racing. Obviously other sites are doing a good job covering this stuff already, so I guess the question is, would people would be interested in hearing Singletracks writers’ perspective as well?

Viewing 8 reply threads

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