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      i have an 09 rockhopper(base model) and want to know what i need to put disk brakes on it. ive looked online and cant find for myself. i have alex rh 26 rims so i dont know if the hubs are disk ready? is hydrualic better? how much will this cost me? thanks

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      This may help:


      I installed avid bb7’s on my bike last week and I am more than happy with them. The kits were $45 each from jensonusa.com. I don’t have any experience with hydro vs mechanical disk brakes on bikes, but hydro brakes come with there own brake levers which house the brake master cylinder so if you have integrated brake levers and shifters then you would need new shifters as well.

      Mech disk brakes will require new brake cables and some housing bc the distance will be a little longer than the v brake setup. Hydros will come with brake lines.

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      I just installed the Avid BB7s on my Cannondale and they work great. My hubs did not accept disc brakes so I had to switch them for ones that did (SunRingle wheelset).
      The installation was simple and painless, just takes trial and error to get them adjusted properly, but I enjoy tinkering anyway.
      They feel alot different then V-brakes , in a good way.
      You can buy a cable and housing set as well. And you need a cable and housing cutter/crimper tool, don’t try to do it without one.

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      i have to same bike that fat boy posted(color and all).looks like im gonna have to get new hubs or rims and the brakes,which is gonna cost a lot more then what i want to spend right now.i guess im going to wait on the disk brakes. thanks for the info guys!

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      When i converted i just bought a wheel set from jenson for $130. I figured it would be worth it when i factored in the cost of having new hubs laced and i got new and better wheels.

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      yeah i think it will be a lot better to get new rims as ive heard these ones are not that good.

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      yeah i meant wheel set. i think its going to be the same price or close to
      if i just get new hubs with the rims that came with the bike.

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