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      I ordered avid bb7 disk brakes(not here yet) for my 2005 gary fisher wahoo. do i need adapters or will the brakes just bolt to the mounting points on the frame?

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      If the BB7 are brand new they come with the adapter

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      Yeah the brakes are new. I had read something about needing a small adapter for the rear disk brake caliper on trek and fisher bikes when you convert from v brakes to disks even though the frame is disk ready.

      This is what i was reading:

      http://www.bikeforums.net/archive/index … 11229.html

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      Ok, cool. That clears things up. I ordered this kit:

      http://www.jensonusa.com/store/product/ … ke+09.aspx

      160mm front and rear. I was going to look into upgrading my v brakes, but it seemed silly to do so when i could get these for $45 a set.

      Fruit trail was a lot of fun and pretty challenging for me. I need to build up my skill a bit so i can utilize more of it. If i would have known we had stuff like this around here i would have picked up this hobby years ago. I also want to check out the turkey creek trail once everything drys out.

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