Disc or Rim Brakes?

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      I have rim brakes and they do me just fine except they seem to last only a few years, I always hear about people having trouble with discs. Do you prefer disc or rim brakes? why?

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      Disc for sure.  No comparison.  Longer wearing, less influenced by mud on rims, stronger, lower effort and finer more consistent modulation.

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      Yeah, its not even close in most situations. At least from my experiences. Discs are just way better. Especially hydraulics


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      is there a huge difference between hydros no hydros?

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      Yes there is a difference between hydraulic and mechanical brakes, at least twice as much power, better lever adjustments with hydraulic brakes. The only bad ones are old SRAMs and they were redesigned for 2015. I learned the difference on how fast discs will stop you when I encountered my first rattlesnake! and flew over it. The bike stopped before the snake.

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      As a heavy guy I say quality rim brakes over lower level mechanical discs, and Hydraulics over everything period.  A big plus for discs is that you can taco your wheel and stomp it back enough to get home and your brakes will be just fine, unlike rim brakes.

      I just installed shimano xtr hydros and my bike stops faster than any i have ever ridden with outstanding brake modulation as well.

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