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      Ok, I’m no bike mechanic but I am mechanically inclined. I understand that when your brakes get tight you need to bleed them. However, for some reason this happens to me a lot. If I don’t ride for a week or 2 they will most likely end up tight and rubbing. This recently happened to me at the end of a long hot ride. Now the last thing you want happening to you when your are 4 miles from your truck at 2:30 in the afternoon in July, in Fl. Do i need better brakes or is this an easy fix? Is it something related to the heat? Please if anyone can help me out let me know. Thanks!

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      Usually hydraulic brakes start feeling mushy when they need to be bled. They won’t clamp down nearly as well on the rotors because of the air bubbles in the lines that need to be bled out. When brakes start rubbing on the rotors, the first things that come to mind to check are the brake caliper alignment and to look for warping of the rotor itself. If the piston is getting stuck in the out position on your caliper it could also cause rubbing. Sometimes that’s as easy as lubing the piston seals. Other times it is because of caliper damage which isn’t normally a simple fix.

      If you haven’t already seen the DIY guide, check it out.

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