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      I’m looking at upgrading my brakes, i currently have a really cheap and crappy pair of promax disc brakes on my bike. first off let me say the promax brakes suck! I have broken 4 sets the only reason i have gotten more is its was totally under warranty. Anyways back to my point I’m going to buy a set of BB7’s which everyone assures me are the best mech brakes out there. only question is do i get the 160mm the 180mm or the 203mm? i mean is bigger better? or do i even need it?

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      well the set on Jenson USA i can choose between the sizes and there is no price difference in the 160mm V. the 185mm so i figured if i can may as well get the most stopping power i can, right?

      also since you have the BB7’s will they allow me to lock the wheel? i like doing stoppies and showing off a bit. i also need to be able to lock out the rear tire in order to skid around the turns.

      I ride a Trek 3900 Disc which came stock with those crappy promax brakes.

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