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      I am a heavy rider at around 235 and I find that the mechanical disc brakes (hayes mx4 i think) on my bike just do not like to slow my fat ass down when I get going at a good clip. Should I consider a 180mm front rotor to help with this problem? I have glazed my brakes twice on some really rough and steep descents that made for a really exciting ride down. I have since started pumping the levers to avoid over heating but man, if I need to stop in a hurry I may be in for a serious crash if I am at 30mph plus.

      I have changed my discs out as well. didnt help.

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      Hydros man. Ive got the stroker trails from hayes and Im exactly 235 as well.  They just work. Never had a single issue stopping. And Ive used em pretty hard too. Mechanical are ok and Im no expert,  but I think the force applied to the rotor just isnt enough. Are switching to hydraulics in your budget? You can probably get some decent ones for aroumd 100-125 Id think.

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      People underestimate the power of a good mechanical disc brake, but at 235 lbs + 30mph, I’d be looking at hydro as well. You say you’ve changed the “discs” out… I’m assuming you’ve changed brake pads too and adjusted the calipers…

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      Yeah, I think hydros will have to be in the budget soon. A safety concern is never too expensive to correct.

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      Yes, when I bought the cooler running discs I bought new pads as well. I didn’t buy high quality pads though, actually , the selection was pretty slim to choose from. I have thought about upgrading to a BB7 which has a larger brake pad contact area but at the same time a set of Hydro’s are not too much more $$.  I guess I will keep my eyes out on Pink Bike for a used set of hydraulic brakes.

      So that was a no on the 180mm though right?

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      Shimano SLX may be the best brake relative to price on the market and common enough to find used.  If you are glazing your brakes, be ready to use sand paper and rubbing alcohol between rides.

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      I just bought a used set of Shimano SLX complete with hardware and 203mm rotors…. WOW! worth every penny hands down no question.  This level of performance for 150$ I feel like I stole something.

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      Congrats on the new brakes! I was gonna mention 203mm for the front and 180mm on the rear. I personally run Hope Tech 3 E4 on one bike and X2’s on another. E4’s are way stronger, but the X2’s also have plenty of power.

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      SLX brakes… hard to beat the performance for the $$! If I had to buy new brakes with my own cash, that’s what I’d purchase.

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      Riding weight I’m probably right around 230 and I run SRAM XO Trails with metallic pads on 180 rotors front and rear and they’re great. Never really been a fan of pads or brakes with a high initial cf.

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