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      I’ve lately acquired an interest in dirt jumping to the point that I’d like to get a dedicated jump bike.I was looking at an SE Flyer that was 7005 aluminum but I notice most of the jump frames I see are steel and I really can’t find much info on why most MTB jumping frames are steel.

      Any advice on jump bikes anyone has would be cool,I was thinking single speed/single brake setup but I’m open to suggestions.

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      Steel fatigues well and provides some flex, which makes the ride a little better.

      I have a Kona Shred, which is 7005 aluminum. not the greatest geometry for a pure jump bike, but it is stable in the air, jumps well, and can be ridden on the trails as well.

      I recommend a 1×8 or 1×9 setup, having gears is nice and makes the bike a lot more versatile for street/jump/and trail use.

      Most riders buy longer travel air forks (Pikes, Revelations, Fox Floats, etc) and drop the travel down to 80mm-110mm range. They also run a lot of air pressure (maybe 25-50psi higher than the MFG weight recommendation.)

      Dirt jumping is fun. It also hurts.

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      I wouldn’t mind a 1×8 setup,that’s what I’m going to on the EVO this weekend since I never use anything but the middle ring and I’m tired of the chain dropping to the smaller one when it hit some nice sized anythings,haha.

      I always forget about Pinkbike and Ridemonkey so I’ll check out stuff on there…I was looking online already and I guess that’s where the question of frame material came about.Unless I find a used one I’d probably escape with less damage to my wallet building a frame than buying a complete bike even though that would be really nice.

      I appreciate the insight guys and I’ll keep everyone posted on what I end up doing.

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      galaxy i may be selling my 2 hardtails and my trek has an awesome DJ fork if you’re interested. If I do I’ll also have a set of Azonic Outlaws for sale too. Let me know if you’re interested.

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      no i *may* be going full suspension. my buddy is a manager @ big sky resort and I am going to go stay with him for a few weeks next summer. You should see the pics he sends me on facebook there park is insane. Figure i need to be on a FS by then so I need to start riding one to get used to it.

      No hanging in the towel, F that.. you should know me a little better than that! and spandex? no f’n way bro. no f’n way… 😆

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      F the spandex even as an unseen liner in some baggys,haha.

      I’d take those Outlaws,no doubt! I keep wanting to order the red ones off wheel world but I need to spend some money on other things first.

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      galaxy.. is mad trials still kicking down the rd from you? I’m going to plan a day for a month or two out here real soon, i’ll keep you posted as i’ll need a guide!

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      Ya know,it may be coincidence but out where that DS course is there is a ladder bridge piece just laying in the field and it looks JUST like the one that made up that cool drop at the "mad trials" place,which was dismantled last time I went.Looked like someone took it apart because it was in their way for jumping their RC truck. 😏

      I’ll try to get down there and check it out this weekend.

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