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      It’s that time of year when we begin setting goals for the new year.  Before I do, I like to see how I fared relative to the goals I set to accomplish this year.  Here’s what I posted back in January and my end of year self-assessment:

      • Ride at least 1250 (MTB) miles (1750 miles cycling overall) – PASS (2100+ MTB miles, 2400+ overall)
      • Ride at least 3 new trails ranked in the top 100 by Singletracks members – FAIL (only 1 new top 100 trail)
      • Participate in at least two races – FAIL (just one race this year)
      • Ride the 75 miler Epic Ride in MD – PASS (although it was closer to 70m)
      • Ride at least one mountain bike park –  FAIL (none)
      • Set new Strava PRs for a number of segments at trails I ride routinely – PASS (although I should have targeted specific segments)

      That’s 50% overall – not very good.  If I weighted them equally (fortunately, I don’t) it would be a FAIL for the year.

      Curious how others fared relative to their goals.

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      Ride at least 1000 miles. Rode 1100

      Consistently improve my wheelie and manual distances. Did it. Wish it was more but, it is more than enough for the trails I ride.

      Improve my average trail speed. up 4 mph over the prior year

      Bunny hop over twelve inches. Only made it to 10. Need to lose some weight.

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      Hey RMap, I’d call that a solid PASS. Just the mileage and the Strava PRs makes it a great year alone!

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        Thanks @TK34.   I was actually very pleased with the miles I was able to put in this past year as well as the elevation gain.  A lot of that was attributable to participating in a Wed nite group ride which I could do after work.  Great group of riders and the nite riding adds a whole new dimension.

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